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World Ethical Data Forum, 2018

Samantha Mitchell



World Ethical Data Forum, 2018

From 19th to 20th September 2018, World Trade Center in Catalan, Barcelona is playing host to one of the biggest event in the global blockchain space. This is the inaugural World Ethical Data Forum.

What is World Ethical Data Forum?

The organizers of this great event wanted to come up with a forum where ethics of Big Data, decentralized networks, and privacy can be discussed by people drawn from various of the world.

These are some of the areas that have proved to be nearly impossible to regulate and legislate, and so viable solutions have to be created. Even though various governments and financial organizations have tried to apply the ethical and regulatory frameworks, they are hardly working, as they were not meant for line of service.

Therefore, as a way of looking for working solutions, the World Ethical Data Forum will provide the attendees with a platform where they can hold a balanced and open discussion on these pressing issues.

World Ethical Data Forum, 2018

What is the Aim of the First World Ethical Data?

The main aim of the inaugural World Ethical Data Forum is to bring together professionals and other key industry stakeholders from various corners of the universe, so that they can discuss the ethical implications, the moralities as well as the new responsibilities that this new emerging market has brought about.

There are so many innovative ventures that have come about in this fast-growing market but key among them are the decentralized technologies, the artificially intelligent networks, as well as the distributed systems that normally uses the data in a routine manner.

Here are some of the key issues that shall be discussed at the forum:

• The regulation of Cryptocurrency and Initial Coin Offerings
• The advantages, the pitfalls, as well as other ethics that are usually associated with the trustless DLT – Distributed Ledger Technology
• The business applications that are associated with the blockchain data

World-Class Speakers at the Event

This huge world summit is expected to attract more than 500 attendees from various corners of the world.

Talking of speakers, there is a list of over 50, who are mainly visionaries and pioneers in various fields in this vast industry. The lineup of speakers contains some of the big names such as Chris Cleverly, Katia Lang, Philippe van Nedervelde, among others.

Getting to Know the Speakers

At the top of the list, there is the name of Chris Clerverly, who currently serves as the Executive Chairman of Block Commodities. Other than that, this speaker has been advocating for the ethical rearrangement of the current systems in the blockchain market.

Some of the projects he has successfully undertaken are providing solutions to the African farmers who wanted to offer cheap credit on farm items like seeds and fertilizers as a way of circumventing the local currency volatility.

The other keynote speaker at this even would be Katia Lang. This brilliant mind is the current CEO of Fintech Times and also co-founded Disrupts Media Limited.

Philippe van Nedervelde is another top name in the speaker’s list, and he comes to the forum with a rich experience in the market having been serving as the CEO for E-Spaces among other roles. Philippe has molded great brains to come up with ideas, visions, dreams and concepts that are meant to change this market.

Grab your Ticket Now!!!

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