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The Bahamas Is On The Case

Samantha Mitchell




The Bahamas’ Certificates

The Bahamas has now joined in all of the Blockchain action and set up a Credentials System based on Blockchain. This is an absolute first for the Caribbean. And what has happened in this country really is showing off Blockchain and how it should be used. Not only is it saving time and effort but also paper in a move which is following the likes of Dubai in terms of more paperless operations.

Those looking for work in The Bahamas will now be able to use this new system titled “Bahamas Blockcerts” to support them when looking for jobs. Using “Bahamas Blockcerts” enables users to not only verify their educational certificates but they can also be shared using the same system. It really is a revolutionary system that certainly shows other governments just dabbling in Blockchain what can really be done. The platform is available throughout the whole country and proves just what country-wide collaboration can achieve. The software produces accredited digital certificates for its users which can then be shared with future employers. In line with this, the government of The Bahamas is also looking at all of its educational certificates to bring them in line and enhance them. This will incorporate all educational certificates, diplomas and degrees.

The system is extremely easy to use through a mobile app. All of the data is stored on the app and the certificates can be easily accessed through the URL links that are provided. Each link is for a separate certificate and identified by its very own unique URL. So the need for paper certificates is now being taken over by simple URLs on an individual’s resume. The links can also be forwarded to future employers not only reducing time and effort for all concerned but also providing verification for said employer that the documentation is official and authentic.

National Training Agency

The system has already been tried and tested with the first 78 of the recipients receiving their certificates. All of the above were part of the Workforce Preparatory Programme who graduated in June. The National Training Agency were the very proud first issuers. The National Training Agency are already looking at how they can extend this program further and in the not too distant future, all training courses will provide their certificates through “Bahamas Blockcerts”.

And Looking Forward

National Training Agency

Although the National Training Agency is the only one using this new and innovative software at the moment, there are plans afoot for another 23 national agencies to become involved. Others on the list include the University of The Bahamas and the Department of the Inland Revenue.

Looking a bit more into the future, the government has already set out plans to role out “Bahamas Blockcerts” for business licenses and the tax industry. This is massive news for the country but it all forms part of the National Blockchain Strategy already in place. Blockchain is being seen as a vital part of the country’s future and the security of its citizens. Fantastic news!!

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