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Subaj ICO – Global Network

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Subaj is a Blockchain that aims to bring together merchants, retailers, businesses and companies whose growth depends on customer interactions. The ecosystem will provide tokens through which these participants will be able to award their faithful clients through loyalty rewards.



Token: SBJ
Total Supply of Tokens: 5,000,000,000 SBJ
SBJ Token type: ERC20
Soft Cap: $5,000,000,000
Hard Cap: $70,000,000,000
Presale Dates: 18th June to 1st August
Presale Min: 30,000 SBJ
Token Sale (Phase 1) Dates: 2nd August 31st August
Token Sale (Phase 1) Min: 30,000 SBJ
Token Sale (Phase 2) Dates: 1st September 30th September
Token Sale (Phase 2) Min: 1500 SBJ

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Subaj Decentralized Platform

The Issue

Lack of comprehensive loyalty reward strategies. Most companies are in constant competition with their peers. Due to the lack of product differentiation and substitute nature of most of these products, customer loyalty automatically becomes a unique factor of driving up sales and retaining existing customers.

Lack of a sound reward ecosystem results in poor incentive coverage of clients deserving rewards. This is due to the fact that the reliance on conventional methods like vouchers, cards, etc. is often inefficient due to the increasing preference of e-commerce.

Information deficits between businesses and clients. Communication between the two parties is often marred by challenges such as the inability to see SMS on phones due to a backlog of messages, changes in communication channels, etc.

Nonexistent mobile-friendly solutions for customer reward systems and products/services advertising. The smartphone is becoming the ultimate tool of communication and human connection due to a preference for portable gadgets and the ever-growing improvement of features. The challenge of fewer mobile friendly reward solution hampers loyalty schemes ambitions.

Subaj Token

The Solution

The solutions offered by Subaj will be beneficial to enterprises on one hand and clients on the other. On the part of businesses, there will be an ecosystem that facilitates mobile-friendly marketing strategies, secure and personalized communication and instant marketing of products and services. On the other hand, customers will benefit from gift vouchers, SBJ tokens, and also discount tokens.

These solutions will contribute immensely to the growth and development of both the merchants and their clients in the financial aspect. To achieve successes, the Subaj Blockchain has installed the GeoDrop Technology for an instant customer and merchant engagement.

Advantages of Using Subaj

• Global outreach
• Dynamic reward system
• Liquidity of tokens against the fiat money
• Pokemon Go Concept that allows customers to view different reward systems by merchants before making purchases.


The Subaj Platform

The ecosystem of customers and goods/services providers will be one of a kind. This is because the merchants and companies will be able to create their own crypto coins that are backed against the SBJ. This factor will then allow the customers to redeem their rewards through other merchants in the ecosystem. This will be economical in the long-term and also beneficial to token holders.

Additionally, the Subaj Blockchain will have a Subaj Exchange platform (SXP). The SXP will be the platform through which customers exchange tokens amongst themselves before transacting with the traders.


Subaj is transforming the retail sector and institutional systems by creating a cutting-edge loyalty ecosystem. Customers will be able to get generous rewards for purchases and retailers will establish a loyal customer base.

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