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25 MH/s

Radeon R9 380 Mining Review

Ali Raza



The Radeon R9 is an older GPU, however it is still a worthy mention in terms of GPUs for Ethereum mining. Compared to the AMD R7 370 it is a little bit more higher end. Compared to AMDs GPU, the Radeon R9 380 should see a higher hash rate when mining for Ethereum. The Gygabyte R9 380 is slightly better with 4GB onboard RAM.

Many still aren’t sure whether the Ethereum code base will transition to PoS before the 2GB hard limit is reached. The essential idea that some promote is to only use 4 GB cards until the threshold is reached and they aren’t much good for mining. It is worth noting that, pricewise, the different between the R7 370 4GB and the R9 380 4GB is around $20.


Ethereum Hash Rate:

  • Power Consumption: 190W
  • Hash Rate: 17.0 MH/s

Ethereum Hash Rate (modded):

  • Power Consumption: 150W
  • Hash Rate: 25 MH/s

Source: Ethereum Community Forum


OTHER Gigabyte R9 380 001 SPECS

The Gibabyte R9 380 uses modern AMD GCN architecture. It has 1792 stream processors and 4GB of 256 GDDR5 memory. The factory ships this GPU somewhat overclocked at 990MHz, 10GHz above its base clock of 970MHz. The memory bus is clocked at 1425 MHz for a total memory clock of 5700 MHz. This GPU does need a system with at least a 500 watt power supply, thought this should not be a problem with most modern PCs. It is recommended to have at least a 750 watt power supply for an effective mining rig, anyway

When looking for a card to use for Ethereum mining, it is important to look at how the card benefits the system load. This GPU uses only one 8 pin power adapter, which seems to suggest lower power consumption. This is a good feature when you are hoping to use mining as a source of income.
Gigabyte R9 380 003

Pros and cons

r9 380

The Radeon R9 380 is a bit older of a GPU. However, despite its age it is still a viable option for entry level mining. It generally has a lower price tag that many of the newer mining GPUs, and therefore can let a new miner set up a multi rig station rather affordably. In comparison to the newer GPUs, however, it is best not to make this a long term solution. It lacks many of the unnecessary bells and whistles that many GPUs get stuck with as they try to cater to the gaming crowd. While a GPU that is good for gaming will generaly be good for mining, they often come with an unnecessary amount of extra ports.

PRICE HISTORY (From: Jun 2015 to Feb 2018)

Radeon r9 380

Final Thoughts on the Radeon R9 380

For those looking for some bang for their buck, the Radeon R9 380 will provide some. The price tag is usually under a couple hundred bucks for this aging GPU, however it still has some life in it for Ethereum mining. It has good specs that will keep it relevant for a little while longer, and it is definitely recommendable for the money conscious beginner Ethereum miner.




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