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28.2 MH/s

Radeon R9 290X Mining Review

Ali Raza



When you are looking for a great Ethereum mining set up, it is very important that you put a lot of consideration into your GPU. Not all GPUs are created equal, and each has their own benefits and disadvantages.

For the most part, the GPU that comes with computers bought as Walmart will not suffice, unless you buy a computer specifically designed for gaming. These gaming computers have more powerful GPUs.

Let’s look at one potential GPU to use for mining Ethereum, the Radeon R9 290X from AMD.

r9 gpu reviewEthereum Hashing Rate:

  • Power
: 290 W
  • Hash Rate
: 22.0 MH/s

Ethereum Hashing Rate (modded)

  • Power: 195 W
  • Hash Rate: 28.2 MH/s

Source: EtherMining Reddit (Sep 11 2017)

Ethereum Solo Mining (Nanopool)

  • Power: 107 W
  • Hash rate: 29.5 Mh/s

Source: Youtube

The SAPPHIRE R9 290X uses modern Graphics Core Next architecture from AMD and has 2816 stream processing and an engine clock that goes up to 1040Mhz. It has 4GB of GDDR5 memory that guarantees high performance. The memory sits a 512 bit interface that offers higher memory bandwidth than its predecessor. The current price on Amazon is $373.32


AMD built the Radeon R9 290X on the Hawaii GPU, which was the company’s first high end GPU to be released in almost 2 years. The Radeon R9 290X uses more than 6 billion transistors, and is built on 28 nanometer process. It has more than 2000 shaders and 64 ROPs.
The Sapphire R9 290x Tri-X OC is one of the most popular R9 290X GPUs. It has increased clock speed and memory speed.

R9 290X

The R9 290X Tri-X OC goes for around $700, and has quite an impressive look to it. It has three fans that help to keep the system cool. Because of these three fans, however, it may not fit into smaller cases. The card is 31 by 12 cm, for those who are interested in knowing.
This card will take up two slots in your system. This may or may not be a sacrifice you are willing to make, for a dedicated mining rig, it is a worthy sacrifice. It also comes with two DVI ports, a DisplayPort, and an HDMI port. This is great for games who want to get some triple monitor gaming.

There are no CrossFire connectors on the card, although with AMD’s R9 290 series they started using PCI express slots to transfer CrossFire data. This card may also be paired with any R9 290 and R9 290X card.

Pros and Cons

The price is a bit steep for this card, and the card will need around 430 days to pay for itself. It costs around $0.83 a day to run this card for Ethereum mining, with around $0.92 daily return. This provides an annual return of 84% at a 111% profit ratio. It comes with a lot of unneccesary ports for Ethereum mining.

Final Thoughts on The Radeon R9 290X

The Radeon R9 290X may not be priced as an entry level mining GPU, however it does offer many benefits to miners who can afford it. Several of these GPUs can make for a great mining set up that can greatly increase your mining revenue if done right. A cool room with fans and/or air conditioning will help take the strain off of the CPU and let it have more resources to do its job without forcing it to focus on maintaining a proper operating temperature.

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