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Nvidia Titan V Review

Maciej Borkowski



The recent technology boom in AI, deep learning and neural networks spawned a hunger for increasingly better hardware, with higher and higher processing power. Specifications are what always was the limiting factor for projects such as video games and research. Blowing every other consumer product out of the water, here comes in the Nvidia Titan V. With that GPU, sky is the limit, and of course, due to its beyond amazing specifications, you can use it for cryptocurrency mining. Let’s take a look.

Nvidia Titan V Hardware Specifications


titan v

• Graphics Processing Clusters: 6
• Streaming Multiprocessors: 80
• CUDA Cores (single precision): 5120
• Texture Units: 320
• Base Clock (MHz): 1200 MHz
• Boost Clock (MHz): 1455 MHz
• Memory Clock: 850 MHz
• Memory Data Rate: 1.7 Gbps
• L2 Cache Size: 4608K
• Total Video Memory: 12288 MB HBM2
• Memory Interface: 3072-bit
• Total Memory Bandwidth: 652.8 GB/s
• Texture Rate (Bilinear): 384 GigaTexels/sec
• Thermal Design Power (TDP): 250 Watts


As you can see, the Titan V is a powerhouse. And it draws only 250 Watts of power! For the purpose of cryptocurrency mining, this certainly would be a cost effective GPU if not for the price tag, which amounts to $3000. How fast would such a piece of hardware return our investment if we used it for mining?

Mining Performance of Titan V

In one of the tests, the GPU produced 82MH/s mining Ethereum. Provided the power costs $0.12 KW/h, we’ll get $205 of profit per month from the Titan V. This means it would take us about 15 months to make the $3000 back, provided the price of ETH stays the same and so do our power costs. I reckon there are better ways to invest your $3000, but this isn’t too shabby if you wish to use it as an AI research platform. Now, looking at Monero, we’d have to mine for twice as long, because the GPU will give us 1420H/s, and that amounts to $105 profit per month. Not that good. If you want to mine, it’ll be better to focus on other GPUs. In a year, the whole cryptocurrency market will change and so will the hardware, therefore betting on profit from a $3000 GPU isn’t the best idea.


The Nvidia Titan V is certainly a monster, but not a product designed for mining crypto. Using it for that purpose would be akin to buying a Ferrari just to drive to the groceries. Sure, you’ll own an impressive car, your friends will be in awe, but is that really money well spent? First and foremost, this is a product for research, and I’m sure that’s where it surely shines and the $3000 price tag is worth it.

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