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32.09 MH/s

Nvidia Geforce GTX 1070 Mining Review

Ali Raza



Any gamer in the world would probably be able to fall in love with the Nvidia Geforce GTX 1070 card. This card is actually able to do much better than the GTX 980 Ti by as much as 3x’s in some parts! The only question that needs to be asked now is, how is this model when it comes to mining?

What are the specs of this model?

ETH Hashpower:

  • Power: 150 Watt
  • Hash Rate: 27 MH/s

ETH Hashpower (modded)

  • Power: 110 Watt
  • Hash Rate: 32.095 MH/s


The GPU Architecture of this model is Pascal. The model’s frame buffer is 8GB GDDR5, with the memory speed of the model being 8Gbps.

Boost Clock – Relative: 1.4x
Boost Clock – Actual: 1683 MHz

Deciding What to Get

Because there have been so many releases for the GTX 1070, users will probably have a hard time when it comes to deciding which one to get that will be the best in terms of mining. Unfortunately, there is no answer that is for sure, but there is some info that users might find helpful when it comes to this problem:

  1. The Gigabyte- Many of those that have went ahead and bought this model have said that it has the weakest fans in comparison to all of the other models that are competing with it. However, it does stay cool, because it has 3 fans. Also, it is great for gaming.
  1. The Nvidia Founders Edition- Even though the FE GPUs do tend to get a lot of credit for having amazing stability and also great output above-average hashrate, they do also tend to have some of the loudest fans in comparison to all of those that they compete with.
  1. The ASUS Strix- This model is honestly one that every user has fallen in love with, unfortunately, it also is a model that is very expensive. However, when you think about how great the hashrate is and how their fans are very quiet and very durable, you tend to think that the price is certainly worth it.
  1. The Zotac 1070 AMP- This one happens to come with amazing hashrate and also comes equipped with 2 coolers. On top of that, many users have said that this model does indeed work great.

Final Thoughts on The NVIDIA GEFORCE GTX 1070

So, is the Nvidia Geforce GTX 1070 worth the price? It most certainly is! Even though the mining craze was able to make it so that the price of these cards rose by tremendous amounts, many users are still buying them simply because they are certainly worth the price. This is because of how great of an investment they really are, because they are able to be used when it comes to mining and also gaming. Plus, as a bonus, if you find that mining is not profitable enough for you, you can just sell your card to someone who is an avid gamer for a nice profit, or at least all of your money back. These cards certainly are great, and they will certainly be in the market for quite awhile thanks to all of the gamers who are going to be buying them up like crazy.

Overclock and Bios Mod for Mining

hashing power pic of proof

32.059 MH/s obtained with a Modded Bios according to:

Memory ClockSystem PowerGPU PowerTemperature (C)Hashrate (MH/s)
8000 MHz161W135.6W7627
9100 MHz173W147.6W8039
9300 MHz176W150.6W8331.5
9500 MHz176W150.6W8332.1

Return with Modded Bios is drastically increased!

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