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New NVidia Card Possesses Unbelievable Power

Maciej Borkowski




NVidia’s month old Volta GPU architecture has finally seen usage in the newest Tesla V100 GPU. It’s not a gaming product, but one for supercomputers, simulations, AI and deep learning. It could possibly be used for cryptocurrency mining, too. AMD with their newest Vega line seem to be behind NVidia’s Tesla. Why?

NVidia’s Tesla Has Outrageous Levels of Performance

Compared to the previous generation, Pascal-based Tesla P100, the new V100 GPU has 12 times greater deep learning performance, with 120 TFLOPs of “DL training”. The P100 has “only” 10 TFLOPs. The Volta version has also a gargantuan memory bandwith – over 900GB per second! Again, from “just” 720GB/sec on the P100. NVLINK 2.0 throws the internal bandwith up from 160GB/sec to a huge 300GB/sec while having 10MB of L1 Cache (Pascal had only 1.3MB). The card received an unreal Geekbench score of 743,537, and the only card that can come close is the Pascal version, with 320,031 points.


AMD is extremely far behind, having nothing to compete with the monster that is NVidia’s Tesla. Until Radeon Instinct cards surface, AMD won’t be even coming close to the power of Tesla. Still, it is unlikely that the new AMD cards will outperform this top shelf product. As such, NVidia remains the king of the GPU market.

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