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Mining Rig Guide

How to Make a Gpu Mining Rig for Ethereum, ZCash, Monero and more.

Ali Raza



MiningRig Guide

If you are wanting to get into Ethereum mining (or Zcash or Monero), you will most likely want to build your own mining rig. There are two basic steps to building a good Ethereum mining rig:

1) Choosing your components
2) Putting the system together

The time to completely build your mining rig varies, but it could take about a week or so to get the whole project finished, with another few days to get everything properly configured. Building a mining rig is essentially just building a computer, however there are several extra considerations to keep in mind, mostly in terms of the GPU.


A GPU, also called a graphics card, is an important part of an Ethereum mining rig. Just like gaming PCs, your mining rig will need to handle complex mathematical operations as efficiently as possible. This is why choosing the right GPU is very important.
Getting the right gear

The thing about building a good Ethereum mining rig is that it is not cheap. You will need a few components that are pretty pricey. Resist the urge to spend less money and buy a prebuilt computer, these will likely not have the type of hardware you need for a mining rig.


You will need to choose a motherboard, which is like the mining rigs brain. Or, the skull that holds the brain. The motherboard will be what all of your main components will be attached to, and allows them to work together. The motherboard you choose will determine what type of GPU your system will be compatible with, and how many GPUs your system can use at one time. This will ultimately determine your total hash rate. If you have 3 PCI express slots you can fit 3 Radeon HD 7950 GPUs, each having a 20 MH/s hash rate, giving a total hash rate of 60 MH/s. PCI Express slots are slots on the motherboard itself that components fit into. There are other types of slots available, but most GPUs are made to use PCI Express slots. A good recommendation for a mining GPU is the GA-Z97X Gaming 3 GPU.

Regardless, it is important to pick a good GPU. Some of them cost a lot but dont have the best hash power behind them, and some are more affordable but consume more energy. The idea is to find a good balance between power and power consumption while staying within your budget. You have to pick a good GPU. You can buy used GPU from places like GPU Shack, but be careful if you buy them from someone just trying to sell their GPU.

Another thing to pay attention to is how well your components will all fit together in the system. You may have enough slots to fit it all, but will they all fit in there together? This is largely a consideration of the motherboard as the space between slots is different on each motherboard. Although, you can buy a GPU riser that will help with this if you run into problems.


Another consideration is the hard drive that you install. The hard drive will contain your operating system and your software. It is recommended to use linux for your mining rigs OS.
A simple, no frills solid state drive will work fine. How much storage your hard drive should have depends on how you will mine. If you want to download the entire blockchain then you will need to take that into consideration, as blockchains are pretty big. If you are just planning on mining Ethereum in a pool then you don’t need to store the blockchain, and a smaller hard drive will work fine.


The amount of RAM, which is short for Random Access Memory, is important as well. RAM is used for temporary memory for running applications. You should be sure to have at least 4 GB of ram.


The power supply, or PSU one of the most important components and will directly affect your profit potential, just like your GPU will. It is important to consider how much power your system needs, how much power the PSU can provide and how efficiently it does so.

How much it costs per day to run your system in power consumption compared to how much your rig earns a day will determine your profit ratio.

If you have a lot of GPUs, like many of the 6 GPU mega rigs do, it may be worth using two PSUs.

Next, the case is an important consideration, and which case you choose will depend on whether or not you are using GPU risers. Having components on top of each other could lead your rig to catch fire.Or, you could have an open air system or build your own case.

Final Thoughts

Once you have all of your components, all that is left is to put it all together and install your operating system. As you can see, it isn’t difficult, just a bit expensive.

If you need help simply ask to us in the comment area, we will help you!

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