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Mining: A New Revolution Is On The Way

Samantha Mitchell



ASIC crypto mining 12 Nm chips

What has happened?

Company Advanced Miners is about to change the mining world for the better with the introduction of its token sale for the newest ASIC crypto mining 12 Nm chips. Working with Japanese GmO, there is also a 7 Nm chip on the way in the not too distant future.

As with all sales, investors have the chance to purchase the tokens but these ones are pretty special. Named the next generation of mining chips, Advanced Miners is hoping that their new product will enable mining to become more profitable which is a much-needed piece of music to the ears of miners. As has been reported recently, a lot of Cryptocurrency miners are now wondering whether the low profit that is being gleaned is actually worth it nowadays. Although the introduction of ASICs has been beneficial for the industry making mining a lot more efficient, it hasn’t come cheaply. The increased amount of power required and the high costs of the power needed equates to a low return. Certainly not the way that things started out with mining Cryptocurrencies. As more and more people are mining the market it is becoming less decentralized and now there are a few companies who are now influencing and almost controlling the industry making it more centralized. To even be able to make a profit nowadays requires the latest and most expensive equipment as well as a very good and in-depth knowledge of mining.

In The Future

This could all be changed with the release of the new ASIC crypto mining 12 Nm chips. In basic terms, these new chips give 2 x more hash power than the Bitmain ASIC S9. This is an accolade in itself but the new 12 Nm chips actually do this at pretty much the same cost and energy consumption as the S9. Now that really is impressive. Advance Miners will offer its customers with this new product for 3-4 cents per kilowatt for the electricity.

The first stage of the token sales will be to make the token available to contributors. Then the next phase will be to release the tokens to the open market. At present, the current phase of the ICO will last until 14 June with the next level running until 15 July 2018. The price at the moment is $0.9 per token.

Advance Miners has also gone into development on a very special online mining platform that allows anyone and everyone to mine. The company is really taking mining to the next level and hopes to make it into world’s top five largest mining pools. Hopes are high.

This really is an exciting time for miners and the industry alike and there is already a lot of pressure on the shoulders of Advance Miners to change the mining world for the better. It’s going to be an interesting ride over the next few months. Many companies and industry experts will be keeping an eye out on progress and keeping their fingers crossed.

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