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Memority – Data Storage Revolution on Blockchain

Samantha Mitchell





Symbol: MMR
Type: ERC20
Pre-ICO: 16TH May to 30th May (includes a 20% bonus)
ICO Phase 1: 31st May to 30th June (includes a 15% bonus)
ICO Phase 2: 1st July to 31st July (includes a 10% bonus)
ICO Phase 3: 1st August to 31st August (includes a 5% bonus)
Soft Cap: $5,000,000
Hard Cap: $85,500,000
Token Price: $0.1

Website | Whitepaper | Telegram

Memority Token

A Safe And Secure Blockchain-Based Data Storage Ecosystem

Nowadays it seems that every marketer is out to get your data and monetize it. Several major online platforms such as Facebook and Google have been accused of collecting and sharing users’ data illegally, and it seems like there is nothing anyone can do about it.

However, one platform has come with the ideal solution to the problem: a decentralized, Blockchain-based data storage ecosystem. Memority is a new platform that utilizes Blockchain technology to store data. The platform has been inspired by the growing security concerns about data security and privacy. It comes with a wide range of benefits compared to other data storage platforms:

• Ultimate Security And Privacy

Memority stores all data on the blockchain platform and encrypts it with a private key that is accessible only to the data’s owner. The Blockchain platform is completely independent and affords conveniences such as monitoring, recovering, encrypting, and validating data.

• Data Integrity

Memority secure data storageAll data stored on the Blockchain platform cannot be deleted or forged except with the owner’s permission. The system automatically replicates the original data file into ten copies that are stored on diverse servers. All forgeries are also detected, deleted, and replaced with copies of the original file.


Memority may well be the ultimate solution to the numerous cases of data misappropriation. The MMR token is currently available for sale at a discount, and early customers stand a chance to win exclusive rights to mining more MMR tokens in addition to a guaranteed secure data storage platform.

Bitcointalk user: MarkSinn

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