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Malta Is Up In Lights Again

Samantha Mitchell




All About Malta

As has been reported on recently, Malta really is making huge leaps and bounds forwards in terms of the Cryptocurrency industry. Not only is it in the midst of a Blockchain revolution with many Blockchain companies choosing this small island to become home, but it is also securing its own regulation for the digital economy and latest technology to ensure the safety of its investors, firms and exchanges. And now to add to this, it looks like Malta is reaping the rewards yet again from being a market leader.

Money’s Coming In

Although the Cryptocurrency market is even more unstable than usual at the moment, there are still quite remarkably Cryptocurrency funds opening. There is no surprise that the more traditional and consistent hedge funds do have the edge over the new digital economy however, what is eye opening is the fact that this new generation of hedge funds totals $7.1 billion. This is not a small amount of money. There is still some way to go with the Cryptocurrency industry though as we are all aware. A lot more confidence is needed in the marketplace before it really does become a lot more trusted and we start to see the real benefits.

It is definitely being proved that the small countries out there willing to put effort, tenacity and a little bit of risk into the pot are really taking home the biggest of prizes. Gibraltar and Malta are two of said little countries. Unbelievably Malta has managed to raise £119 million in Initial Coin Offerings which is nearly double that secured by the number two country – Gibraltar. Although the United States still tops the rankings in terms of the number of projects i.e. 116 projects, the figures from Malta – considering just how small Malta is with a population of less than half a million people – are fantastic and really do show what can be achieved.

We’re Moving Forward

Other statistics highlight that by the end of July 2018, there were over 460 Cryptocurrency funds around the world with USA cities, London and Singapore leading the amount of funds launched in 2018. Additionally, nearly 100 Cryptocurrency hedge and venture capital funds have been released. Over 50% of those have actually come to light in less than the last two years. Some of these statistics are surprising when you consider that there is still a lot of concern out there with the digital economy. However, this nothing but extremely positive news which is set to continue by the looks of it. The number of Initial Coin Offerings put into the marketplace has grown this year even though regulations have become a lot stricter recently with listings on exchanges. Again this is really good news. Not only is it clear that this year more money is being secured for Initial Coin Offerings but the number of projects being released is also on the rise as we sit in the second quarter of the financial year.

Hopefully we are now starting to see the turn of a new page of a new chapter with public confidence growing as more and more projects with not only Cryptocurrencies but also Blockchain technology become more mainstream. Lets look forward to seeing how this rolls out!

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