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EMMARES – Email As You Know It Will Never Be The Same

Samantha Mitchell




EMMARES is a project that promises to revolutionize the email marketing sector by using Blockchain technology to reward both the email marketers and email recipients.

Emmares Token


Token symbol: EMA
Type of token: ERC20
ICO date: Q2 2018
Total tokens available: 500,000,000 EMA
Hard Cap: 35,000 ETH
Tokens on public offering: 255,000,000 EMA
Crowdsale price: 1ETH=5,100 EMA

Website | Whitepaper | Telegram

About Email Marketing

Email has become a popular method of communication. In February 2017, Radcati Group claimed that there are around 3.7 billion email users around the world who send about 269 billion emails per day.

Email is listed among the most powerful marketing tools. A study by Marketing Charts also revealed that it is among the simplest one to execute. Direct Marketing Association established that 66 percent of consumers have bought something online due to email marketing.

One of the greatest challenges with email marketing is earning new subscribers. Many email users also don’t like having spams and having too many emails in their inbox. However, EMARRES will introduce a win-win situation for all players. Its use will enhance the quality of content, reduce spam, and ensure the emails are sent only to targeted recipients.


How EMMARES Will Work

EMMARES will allow the marketers to put their marketing emails in the Blockchain. The content of the messages will be evaluated and then connected to the transparent quality evaluation system, which will also hold every important email campaign. Those whose emails will be highly rated will gain visibility in the system.

EMMARES will then allow the recipients to share their email addresses when they want, access to a certain kind of information. Upon subscription, the recipients will only be getting emails on those types of offer. The recipients will never receive spam messages again. The recipients will give a response regarding the relevance of the email content.

EMMARES On Social Media

EMMARES is present in Telegram where it interacts with potential users from different parts of the world. Those who have questions about the project can use this platform to interrogate the company. Telegram has allowed EMMARES to reach more people.

Bitcointalk user: MarkSinn

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