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DIW Token – Secure blockchain-based digital platform

Samantha Mitchell



DIW Token

More advanced technological improvements are literally taking the world by a storm, subsequently changing all sectors. One area that has been transformed continuously by the rapid technological advancement is on how to acquire, store, transmit, decrypt and interpret the classified information. This is what has led to the DIW token.

What is it?

This is a system that takes pride in some quality features like safe storage, digital vault, as well as payment of cryptocurrency and fiat, integrated international directory and paid escrow.


Presale Start: March 6th, 2018
ICO Phase 1: 100, 000, 000 Tokens
ICO Phase 2: 200,000,000 Tokens
Tokens Available for ICO – 700, 000, 000 DIW
Final ICO Price – 1 ETH = 8000 DIW

Website | ANN | Telegram | Whitepaper


Safe Digital Vault

DIW Token gives its users an opportunity to securely store valuable and sensitive digital information such as wills, documentation, authenticated KYC, passwords, bank account information, and other KYS-related documentation. It can also be used to keep credit cards-related documents in a decentralized, encrypted, and safe platform. In addition to that, DIW token also enables users to entirely or partly share data with other parties without any fear of security breach by an unofficial third party.

Cryptocurrency & Fiat Currency Payment Platform

The DIW token has tremendously transformed how website owners can get payments for their services. It provides a secure and advanced method of accepting payments in the form of fiat or crypto through a single login decentralized platform. It has a groundbreaking payment gateway that might be an inbuilt checkout platform for several e-commerce sites. Apart from that, it can work pretty well for websites that incorporate the Open-Source Client Management Systems such as WordPress or Joomla.

Electronic Health Records

It is very imperative for any individual who takes care of electronic health records to ensure that they are secure. Should such information get to the unwanted hands; the results could be better. It will not be good if the entire project fails to bring out something that will ensure not only security but also the safety of the health records.

The DIW token will allow electronic health records encryption, protected sharing and safe storage among account holders, health care professionals such as pharmacists and doctors. Apart from that, holders of accounts will also enjoy the freedom of using the smart technology that is already in the DIW network.

Paid Escrow

The platform used for the DIW token is also composed of the smart escrow service. This contract-based service will make sure that there is security in transactions involving authorized parties. This service has been simplified to ensure that the users encounter no difficulties whenever they are using this platform. Apart from being smart, this service will make the entire platform sophisticated. This is the only way all transaction details could be fulfilled before the funds are released.

Global Directory

The DIW token will also introduce an international directory that will enable account holders to improve on their reach. The global directory will also assist the account holders in availing to the public some of the services that they offer.

This global directory has been designed with a smart evaluation system that will enhance accountability, transparency as well as trust among the organizations or persons who hold the account.

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