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Destream – The First Decentralized Global Financial Ecosystem For Streamers

Samantha Mitchell



Destream 1

The First of a Kind

Destream is aiming to provide a Blockchain solution where streamers interact with their peers. These relationships among peers are expected to boost the productivity of streaming, diversify the activities of streamers and most importantly enable them to obtain capital for their startup ventures.

Destream developers are certain that the creation of the Blockchain will eliminate third parties who are relied upon by content makers. By doing this, the streamers will be able to concentrate on improving their techniques and contribute to the growth of streaming apps such as Twitch, YouTube, Facebook, Periscope and many others.

Destream token


Token Symbol: DST
Total Tokens Available: 6,000,000,000
Token Supply:3,600,000,000
Token Price: 1 DST=0.006 USD
Soft Cap: 5.5 million USD
Target: 9 million USD
Hard Cap:12 million USD
Token Pre-Sale: June 15-July 15 (Complete)
Sales for Stratis Holders: July 15-August 1
Token Sale: August 1-September 30
Bonuses: From 25% to nil

Website | Whitepaper | Telegram | Twitter | Facebook | Reddit

The Background

Advancement in telecommunications is bringing with it an era of streaming technology with popular examples such as the blogger, streamer, e-sport athlete, and so on. Many bloggers and content makers are taking the venture as full-time jobs and can be sometimes sole economic activities. The ways of making money are mainly from premium subscriptions, advertising charges, donations, and platform promotion.

All these mediums of earnings are dictated by the quality of vlogging, the better the content, the more the payment deals.

The problem, however, lies on the fact that the currently popular broadcasting forums are dedicated to hosting the content alone and no other function. This shortcoming is very serious when viewed from the standpoint of income earning. This is because the modes of payments are usually complex, detached from the main platform such as Twitch or YouTube. Donors, marketers, enthusiasts and the vloggers themselves have to create endless accounts to receive the payments. This leads to loss of time, demoralization of payers, and the general impact is that it hampers the growth of streaming.

The Destream Blockchain hopes to solve all these problems. The platform will be accessible via a standard add-on/plugin feature on the major streaming sites.

Destream Streaming

The Benefits of Using Destream

• Destream will charge an interest rate of 0.77% on transactions.

• Destream will be beneficial to advertisers who rely on streaming. This will be achieved through availing of big data analytics that will be vital for marketers’ decision making.

• Advertisers, viewers, and streamers will have a clear contractual relationship that is anchored on smart contracts. This feature will secure the payment system from hackers and third-party breaches.

• The blockchain is working towards developing an on-platform marketplace to utilize the DST tokens.

• Destream will consolidate the activities of all parties that are involved in streaming by assigning one crypto wallet per user which will be using the DST tokens.

• The Blockchain has no barriers to entry or exit, unlike other platforms that are bureaucratic and restrictive.

Sections of the Blockchain

• Crypto Wallet
• Market Place
• Big Data Analytics
• Payment Gateways

Destream Team


Destream will be instrumental to streaming enthusiasts, advertisers who rely on streamers and broadcasters. As an add-on to the streaming platforms, the Blockchain will be instrumental in improving them. Most importantly, streaming as a professional will be profitable as the earnings will be consolidated and eased.

Bitcointalk user: MarkSinn 

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