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Bob’s Repair: Connecting Consumers And Contractors Transparently

Samantha Mitchell



What Does Bob’s Repair Have In Store For Us?

Bob’s Repair is an ICO with a simple yet effective and useful plan, and the good news is that the founders have already had years of experience in the industry they wish to implement Blockchain technology. 3 years ago, the Prandecki brothers launched a successful STWP (Skilled Trader Worker Platform), which linked contractors to potential clients.

This business, the now base of Bob’s Repairs, dealt with over 50,000 service calls and raked in an impressive $1 million USD. So these guys know what they’re doing.

Although happy with the business, the brothers noticed that there were 3 key issues in the industry that they plan to solve with the use of Bob’s Repair. These three major problems are:
• Fake online reviews – there has been a huge explosion in the amount of fake online reviews we see online today, it’s very hard to know what to trust as a consumer.
• High advertising fees- because advertising fees are so high- this ultimately pushes up the price of what the consumer pays for the service.
• Transparent pricing- Often pricing in the industry is confusing and just a total is given, not a break down of costs.

Bob’s Repair aims to tackle these problems head-on with the use of STEEM Blockchain technology.

Bob's Repair Token

The Token:

Symbol: BOB
Type: ERC20
Presale Start: January 2018
Soft Cap: 6000 ETH
Hard Cap: 30,000 ETH
Total Supply: 360 million
Token Exchange Rate: 1 ETH= 6000 BOB

Website | Whitepaper

Bob’s Repair Features

• Bob’s Repair uses state-of-the-art Blockchain technology to reduce the amount of fake online reviews
• It provides transparency in the pricing structure of skilled trade services, also using Blockchain
• The Bob application will not have paid advertising from contractors, which should reduce fees for both consumer and contractor.
• It will provide a decentralized network of both contractors and consumers
• It will make use of STEEM Blockchain technology
• BOB can be bought using Bitcoin, Ethereum, credit or debit cards or via a bank transfer
• The Bob Application will be available on desktop, mobile and web-based applications
• No membership fees, sign-up fees or even transaction fees involved
• Escrow services will be available

The Team

Bob's Repair TeamThe team at Bob’s Repair is made up of a talented group of people who are all experts in their relative fields and are individually listed on Bob’s Repair’s White Paper. Heading the team are the two co-founders, the Pandecki brothers: Frideric and Alexandre. The two have major experience in the industry and they are the ones who came up with the innovative idea for Bob’s Repair. Alongside them is the third co-founder and CTO, Todd Conley, who previously worked as a Microsoft system engineer and project manager. Brandon Kite is the other CTO and has worked on many interesting projects, including Disney’s blockchain.

In Conclusion

Bob’s Repair’s aims are well-researched and concise. What the company aims to accomplish is useful to both contractors and consumers, providing a win-win situation with the use of premium Blockchain technology. It seems that Bob’s Repairs have all their ducks in a row and we can’t wait to see what this year holds in store for them.

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