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Blockchain: There Is A Lot Of Good Out There

Samantha Mitchell



Blockchain: There Is A Lot Of Good Out There

Blockchain Is Growing

As the world focuses on the Cryptocurrency market place and how the Cryptocurrencies are performing, Blockchain on the other hand is making headway around the world. This year is expected to be a big year for the technology solution with huge expectations of what can be achieved.

Many Initial Coin Offerings (ICOs) are making the most of the technology and using it to get rid of the middle man meaning that processes become simpler and a lot more cost effective. And these ICOs are providing improvements in many industries including music, retail and logistics to name a few. As the number of ICOs increases in 2018, there are bound to be many more great ideas to support businesses and projects around the globe.

Blockchain And Charities

However, it is not only companies and governments that can enjoy the benefits of Blockchain. Communities and non profit organisations can also be rewarded too. UNICEF was certainly on the ball with one of its wonderful ideas. At the beginning of this year, it launched “Game Chaingers” which targeted PC gamers to assist them in supporting Syrian children affected by their country’s war. The idea was so great because of its sheer simplicity. PC Gamers used the latest Graphics Processing Units to mine Ethereum whenever they weren’t playing. The mining was therefore only undertaken when there was spare capacity to do so. The mining of Ethereum in turn provided donations to Syria. This notion was a real success and in less than 60 days, 85 Ethereum were raised to support the charity.

The World Food Programme is also being smart with Blockchain technology and has developed the “Building Blocks” programme which aims to eliminate world hunger problems. At last count, over 100,000 refugees had been helped by “Building Blocks”.

Blockchain Medical

Blockchain’s Medical Support

Blockchain technology is now being used in the medical field and the impact this will have to patients will be enormous. There are quite a few projects underway at the moment to develop software that can hold patient records, therefore alleviating the need for paper records and the moving of said documentations around whenever necessary. The vital information is stored on a network which can be accessed globally. Not only does this help the patient if they have moved or are traveling but their personal data – which can be transferred to anonymous should it need to be – can then help with new developments on medical treatments. Something which certainly cannot happen at the moment with our current medical records.

Further work in the medical field sees Blockchain technology being used for genomics. Solutions are being developed in South Korea to not only store genomic data and personal information, but the platform will also enable the storage to be secure. The transfer of this delicate information in a safe fashion will also be possible because of Blockchain.

And finally, although not a Blockchain project in its purest form, but a great news story which has evolved from the Cryptocurrency industry, many that have made a fortune with the digital economy are now giving back to the world. There are vast numbers of philanthropic projects that have popped up from individuals who have made their millions.

There is still a lot of beauty in this world and technology can indeed make a very positive impact globally especially for those less fortunate.

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