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AMD VEGA 56 and 64 Price Goes Up, Is It Still Worth It?

Ali Raza



Wondering about the price of the RX Vega 64? Go ahead and relax, after all, it’s only $150 to $200 more than the MSRP! Of course, you can thank the fine ladies and gentlemen working at AMD for this, and all they have to say about it is that they blame the miners and the gamers (whatever happened to the customer is always right?) because they made the demand go up. Of course, because of this demand increase, the solution that the retailers came up with was to up the prices on all of the units, way to go, thinking outside of the box there. Of course, AMD is stating that they have no control over how much the retailers are selling the units for, but many believe that they could be doing more, like maybe producing more of the product, perhaps?

AMD says that if the units are getting sold for around $499.00 by them and then being priced above that at retailers, then there are external factors that are going on that are making the prices go up, who would have thought? Thank you for the advice. The artificial inflation is what seems to be causing the rise in the amount that the unit are going for.

Is The Price Worth it?

As of right now, the RX Vega 64 can be found on Newegg and also on Amazon at the low-low price of just $699 to $725. AMD has said that they are attempting to produce more of the units in order to meet the high demand for them, but that the process is taking longer than users want.However, many are wondering why they can’t just open up another place to make the units out of in order to increase the amount, so that users will not have to buy them for so much, especially since the company has to be seeing a lot of profit, more than enough to do an expansion. Even if the prices are not jacked up so high because of AMD, the prices are still high enough to where users could instead purchase a GTX 1080 Ti from their retailers and be seeing a lot more bang for their buck. The GTX 1080 Ti is not only better than the RX Vega 64 when it comes to performance matters, but also runs cooler and is worth more.
According to some of the rumored benchmarks, the RX Vega 64 is not even coming close to running great when it comes to mining. However, this card has somehow managed to become sold out all over the place, and everyone is talking about how this is probably one of the first times that AMD has actually had to restock during the launch of one of their cards. Although, the RX Vega 56 certainly is a better card than the 64 version, and that is simply because it had benchmarks that were doing better than that of the GTX 1070. Because of the trend that seems to be going on at the moment, it seems as though that card will not be going to the market at $399.

Honestly, if everyone would just switch over to the GTX 1080 Ti for just a little bit, then the price of the RX Vega 64 would probably go down to its normal pricing. That would also give AMD a chance to produce more of the units. Then, everyone could go back to buying them, however, if everyone did that, guess what would happen? They would stop making them, it really is a hard problem to find a solution to. The only real solution here that seems to be a realistic option is for them to expand their operations, but good luck telling them to spend a little money to make a little.

Final Thoughts

It is pretty obvious that the prices need to go down on the RX Vega 64. Being $150 to $200 more than the MSRP is quite ridiculous! We will search for the best prices, just follow us and stay tuned!

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