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Zichain – Pioneering Crypto Finance

Samantha Mitchell




Having been created to pioneer the entire virtual currency industry, Zichain is definitely the best data platform; all offers its users all that they need in just one platform.

Made of several professionals from different scopes in this market, the company uses the skills and knowledge they have acquired over the years to help consumers in this fast-growing crypto market. The other reason why this platform has been created is to assist traders to invest in it, not only successfully but also in a safe way.

Upon identifying some of the problems that the market currently faces, this platform goes right ahead to have them fixed. Besides all that, this platform has some of the best features any trader in this market would desire.

Zichain Token


Token: ZI
Token Standard: ERC20 Compatible
The Sale of the Tokens Began On: 21st May 2018
The Sale of the Token Ends On: Yet to be Determined
The Price of the Token: $0.1 USD

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Zichain GoalsProducts Offered by Zichain Platform

To ensure that the customers’ trading experience is much smoother and straightforward, Zichain has designed a list of products that work best.

This is the first product, and it is intended to assist the customer in exploring the crypto market via just a single window. Here, the customer will be able to understand all that is entailed in the world of Blockchain market as well as the best crypto coins that are on the market. will also help the user receive current crypto market data before they can make a decision, as far as investment is concerned.

As a result of that, the consumers will always stay on the right track with all their financial goals. To add to that, it will also assist the users to come up with their investment strategies, and even try their business idea before they officially invest in it.


This is the other product that is available on this platform. Through this, customers will be able to come up with their own legal virtual coin fund within the shortest time possible. Once this is done, the customers will get the attention of the right investors and manage their digital assets portfolio.

BAMP also allow the Zichain traders to trade on some of the most established crypto exchanges in the entire industry.

With this great product, when a customer purchases one token, they will be able to receive an easy to adjust and diversified portfolio on several virtual coins that are on the market. At the moment, there are close to five various funds that have been designed to cater for the crypto indexes.

In addition to that, there is also a very open and honest approach to investment, as well as reduced cost of transactions.

Besides redeeming the tokens just in one instant, the fund would also enable the users to buy the tokens. To make sure that the investment is in the right hands, there are top-notch security measures that have also been put in place.

About the Initial Coin Offering

The token sale for this great platform started on the 21st of May 2018, and the date it would come to an end has not been established. During the Initial Coin Offering period, the price of this token will be sold at $0.1 USD.

Abbreviated as ZI, this native coin is entirely based on the ERC20.


Last Word

As earlier indicated, Zichain has been designed to make things easier in the world of the taken interest invirtual coin. With this great platform, the Cryptocurrency finance market will not only be transparent and fast but would also be adopted world over by ottaken an interest in it.

The operation of this company has been anchored on very sturdy goals and those who would choose to join it will find it easy to trade in this market.

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