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So as more and more people become interested in Cryptocurrencies, questions are raised more frequently on the basics such as and what its function is.

The True Positives allows you to store your tokens online through a third party source. The tokens that are supported are BTC, ETH and BCH. Although there are sceptics in this world especially around the Cryptocurrency industry, is a really good way of learning all about wallets and how to use them. The site has been around for a few years now and has been used by a lot of people wanting to get into the digital economy. can also be used as a hub for all of your incoming payments. These can then be transferred to whichever wallet you choose. is also one of the most secure wallets around, providing a water tight paper wallet. You can set up as many of these as you need and then transfer the funds to your original Cryptocurrency wallet whenever they are needed. It is a great way to store your funds without taking up any power or space on your win computer and is extremely safe.

And The Downsides

There are only a couple of downsides which are minimal considering the huge amount of benefits there are. One of these is that does actually go down occasional – for a few hours a couple of times a year. This does mean that you may actually lose out on a purchase or a sale. The second negative is that customer service is not as good as it should be. There is no real time option to contact a member of the customer service team and their responses do take a while to get back to you.

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Other Great Benefits

However, besides being a third party wallet, also offers its customers the opportunity to find Bitcoin Blockchains. This is a great resource enabling users to be able to find Bitcoin transactions or public keys. You can also enjoy the widgets which are on the site.

Furthermore, this site has a vast amount of information stored on it. There is never a shortage of data that you can look through.

Another major plus point is the ease at which you can transfer funds into the necessary Cryptocurrency. ShapeShift is one of the favorite exchanges available and its popularity is because of how simple it is to use.

As is highlighted by many in the industry, funds should not be left for any length of time in a third party wallet. They should be withdrawn as soon as possible and secured within an individual’s private wallet. That is after all what they are there for. However is a very reliable resource and one that many people across the globe use on a regular basis. It has started many an investor out on their first steps in the Cryptocurrency industry and will continue to do so.

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