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VOXXO Token – New Ico for Music

Samantha Mitchell




Voxxo is basically a concept for music. It is an ERC20 Ethereum Smart Contact and works with the approved secure and fast structure of the Ethereum Cryptocurrency. Apart from combining music player, it also incorporates music licensing and concert investments.

Token – VOXXO
Pre-sale Started on – 12th November 2017
Total VOXXO on Sale – 75,000,000
Price – 1 VOXXO = 0.01 – 0.05 USD
Platform – Ethereum
Accepting – ETH, BTC
Soft Cap – 300000 USD
Hard Cap – 1250000 USD
Country – Turkey

Website | ANN | Telegram | Whitepaper

VOXXO’s Main Aim

Its main aim is to emerge as the music Cryptocurrency that will empower the holder of Voxxo token and enable them to define the value of music. This is why Voxxo token has been made to equal one full hour of music stream. For both music access and music listening, Voxxo is the best new free platform.

As indicated earlier, the target here is to make people use the virtual currency to access music, and this will enable music to come up with its own pricing policy using the Voxxo token. The token holders of this token will greatly benefit from the world scale concerts of crowdfunding.

The Voxxo Components

By transferring the Blockchain platform vision into an entirely new space, Voxxo seeks to bring together entertainment and software in one go. The main Voxxo components are the innovative part of this entire project and open up the way for more change. The components are VOXXO Live Events, VOXXO Mobile App, and VOXXO License Platform.

With the mentioned components beginning from some of the end-users commonly used automobiles to industry’s production stage, this project seeks to initiate a period of liberation and directional change.

Voxxo’s Vision

The main concept and the spirit of the Blockchain technology is the pushing force of the vision that VOXXO has. Its main goal, as already mentioned, is to open the virtual currency to the world of music. It also looks forward to catching the spirit of the project that will allow helpful projects and to help the virtual currency attain some serious market shares.

Voxxo’s primary objective is to bring an end to filtering, organizing, and promoting in the sector of music and ensure that as many people as possible access it through the influence it has in the chain. Additionally, Voxxo has plans of opening up several productions and other revolutionary works in the entire industry. After it has successfully revolutionized the sale of music, the next stop for Voxxo will be with the concerts. Its main aim is to ensure that the music concerts are crypto-financed to the best standards. Other areas that will also be crypto-financed are live broadcasts and the album recordings. There are also other plans to design a special performance hall that will only work with the virtual currency.


Voxxo strongly believes that it is important to transform the ways of music delivery before the main source of music is liberated. With the Live Events and License Platform provided by Voxxo, music sources and producers will have no option but to join this new concept. The strengthening of VOXXO will make it easy to work with other platforms that share the same school of thought.

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