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UHIVE ICO – The New Era Of Social Networking

Samantha Mitchell




UHIVE ICO is a new innovative social network that has a physical dimension. UHIVE is here to challenge the status quo and transform social networking and take it to a new era. This era combines human psychology with technological capabilities (Blockchain and artificial intelligence) to deliver an entertaining, unique and natural experience. They are committed to boosting an individual’s interaction within groups, and societies by integrating foundational knowledge from developmental as well as social psychology.

UHIVE is working on a new edge for social networking that will provide much more than the traditional interactions of media sharing or comments on pages. This will provide users with a fresh way to perceive and explore information through their senses. This is unlike the other social networks where users are limited to searching for hashtags, keywords or relevant words to start up a random topic or a new journey of discovery. UHIVE gives users the opportunity to browse through infinite spaces as well as identifying trendy communities that are worth exploring.


The Token

Symbol: HVE
Token sale: 861,312
Softcap: $10.0 m
Hardcap: $54.0 m
Pre-sale period: April 11th, 2018-May 30th 2018
Crowd sale period: June 10th, 2018- September 15th, 2018

Token price

Pre-Sale: $0.0015
Pre-sale (phase 2): $0.002
Crowdsale: $0.003
Token Supply and Distribution: 80 Billion UHIVE Tokens

Website | Telegram | Whitepaper

What Is UHIVE Composed Of?


Civilized World

This is an advanced network which is governed by imposed regulations and rules just like the in the real world. Identities of people are real; users can get connected to families and friends as well as getting the chance to meet other people. This is a network that is exposed as well as influenced by external factors like social norms, politics and global regulations.

Grey world

With a hybrid decentralized structure that is based on Blockchain technology, UHIVE has anonymity for users. People can be anonymous entirely whether by caution or by identity. This is a world that defies political regulations and social norms, and it is isolated completely from your identity. The GREY world offers unlimited space to be inhabited by users.

UHIVE will be introducing its’ own digital currency (UHIVE Token) this token is equivalent to gold in real life. This token is recognizable, divisible and scarce regarding supply; it is abundant about its consumption and also circulation. This token will be the trading currency to be exchanged for products and services for both worlds. UHIVE’s artificial intelligence (A.I.) technology has enabled them to further evaluate the world by, traffic, spaces, engagement and also by audience affinity.



UHIVE’s aims at revolutionizing and leading the way to the future of social networks and also enrich the user’s life with new and entertaining social experience. They also aim to surpass expectations and share their success with all their users. UHIVE’s ambition, commitment to consistent innovation and their technological abilities in Blockchain technology and advanced A.I. have helped them to launch new social networking dawn.


To create the ultimate user experience and become the world’s most dominant social network.

Bitcointalk user: MarkSinn 

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