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Triwer – Security And Transparency With Smart Contracts

Samantha Mitchell



Triwer is a delivery platform for parcels that is built with Blockchain technology, as well as secure Smart Contracts that are fulfilled by using Triwer’s TRW tokens. Triwer platform gets rid of inefficiencies in the addresses also delivery of cargo and at the same time plays a hand in the reduction of carbon footprint thus making it quite a revolutionary idea.

token distribution

The Token

Token symbol: TRW – ERC20
Soft Cap: $ 5mm Hard Cap: $ 25 mm
Total Token supply: 1,000,000,000
Tokens available during sale: 375,000,000
Accepted type of payment: ETH & BTC
Date: 15th may 2018
Price: $0.08 per TRW token
Available bonus: 15-25%
Round Ceiling: %25mm
Country of origin: Norway

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Making The Difference

In terms of meeting the demands of the modern e-commerce businesses as well as their consumers especially those who expect a fast, easy, personalized, secure and cheap delivery of online purchases, Triwer ICO is what makes the difference. Triwer also addresses the bottlenecks and inefficiencies in the Courier Express Parcel Market, and thus allows the companies that deal in logistics and courier services to make good use of their spare capacity.

Triwer application also empowers online shoppers as well as businesses to fully take control, of their shipping needs and in the process, they achieve the delivery prices that are the best in the market through their built-in price comparison engine. For those who shop online Triwer ICO allows their profiles to get personalized with their delivery preferences and also carries that profile across many online shops to arrange the delivery options that are the best. Clients also choose their pickup and delivery of their merchandises at their own convenience while at the same time standardizing the tracking with built-in communication features.

Shipping and Delivery

Real-Time Shipping And Delivery

Anyone with a tablet or a smartphone through Triwer application, take charge of their shipping needs so as to ship what they want to, when and where they need it.

E-Commerce Growth Vision And Rapid Expansion

The Triwer mission is quite clear; they want to be the preferred choice when it comes to SME and e-commerce businesses.

Security And Transparency When Using Blockchain And Smart Contracts

The shipments made via Triwer ICO are recorded on the Ethereum Blockchain complete with smart contracts so as to allow full transparency and also decentralize security.

Triwer For E-Commerce

It is your best choice when it comes to receiving anything that you will order online because they allow you full control and tracking through their app.

Advantages Of Using Triwer

Triwer gives shippers a great control of their merchandise during shipment.

They improve resource allocation as well as improved efficiency and customer preferences.

They are responsible thus making fewer loses, and their transmissions are safe.

They are friendly to the environment because they use PickPack TM system that is paperless.

Triwer knows the importance of their customers, and for that reason, they live chat and phone their customers 7 days a week.

When you make your shipments via Triwer, you are assured of 100% insurance of your shipment that is made through their insurance partners.

The tracking of goods in shipment is live with GPS and direct last mile communication.

In conclusion, Triwer is flexible, easy for pickup of your shipments and cheap. Therefore Triwer is for everyone including you and me and everyone else.

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