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The Very First World Digital Mining Summit

Samantha Mitchell



The Very First World Digital Mining Summit

The First One

Well it hasn’t taken long for the first World Digital Mining Summit to be put into the calendar. As with most industries the pinnacle of a year is usually the annual conference or summit where professionals get the opportunity to learn about the latest developments, network and improve their knowledge. It is expected that the first World Digital Mining Summit will be no different.

There are scheduled to be over 30 speakers, 50 mining companies and 1,000 attendees at the inaugural event. It is taking shape to be the event of the year in the Cryptocurrency world bringing together the very best of the best miners, mining pools and hash rate owners as well as mining machine manufacturers. The event runs for two days between Friday 21 and Sunday 23 September in Tbilisi in Georgia. Although the full schedule has not yet been released, rest assured that there will be sessions highlighting the challenges faced at the moment, the opportunities that are out there and what the future could well look like. The tickets for the event start at $410 for entry to the opening ceremony, attendance at the two day conference and lunch. Tickets can be booked online at the event website.

The Leading Edge

It comes as no real surprise that one of the two main companies behind this new and prestigious event is Chinese world leading company Bitmain. And in fact Bitmain CEO Jihan Wu and Roger Ver, CEO of are two of the head speakers. Amaury Séchet – lead developer of Bitcoin Cash – also features on the speaker list. Bitmain is world renowned in the Crypotocurrency and Blockchain industry and has developed beyond recognition in its first five years. The company is extremely strong when it comes to designing and building technology for cryptocurrencies, blockchain and artificial intelligence. It has already proved its worth by becoming the largest provider of ASIC integrated circuits and hardware for the mining of Cryptocurrencies. It made billions of dollars from these alone in 2017. Bitmain is also responsible for the largest global cryptocurrency mining pools:;; The company is going from strength to strength.

Location, Location, Location

The above world leader – Bitmain – has now has joined forces with BitKan to develop the brand new World Digital Mining Summit. Georgia was picked especially because of its firm ties to Cryptocurrency mining. It is number two on the list of Cryptocurrency mining countries and extensively uses Blockchain to support its operations. In fact Georgia has now implemented Blockchain into its public services to ensure they are more efficient. So it really is the ideal place for the summit to be held for the first time.

With Bitmain leading the way yet again, there is absolutely no doubt that this first event will be a roaring success and professionals will be talking about it for months to come. It will be very interesting hearing feedback from the summit as well as seeing the topics covered and news unveiled in Georgia. Not long to wait now!

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