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The First Blockchain Music Festival Has Arrived

Samantha Mitchell



The First Blockchain Music Festival Has Arrived

Blockchain Music Festival

Blockchain is certainly firing on all cylinders now with the announcement of another new concept for this new generation technology. The first Blockchain Music Festival has now released its tickets ready for purchase. This is a major achievement and another ground braking milestone for Blockchain.

Blockchain will be powering the festival which will take place in the fall of this year in San Fransisco. The “Our Music Festival” will not only be using Blockchain technology but will also be releasing its very own OMF Cryptocurrency token. Not only is this the first Our Music Festival but it is very much the first event of its kind with blockchain taking a leading role. The event will test out the ability to process booking fees using Blockchain as well as many other things.

Zedd, 3LAU, and Matt + Kim

Tickets And Artists

General tickets can be purchased from and Prices start from $29 and tickets can be bought using either U.S. dollars, Bitcoin, Bitcoin Cash, Ether or Litecoin.

There is a great line up including Zedd, 3LAU, and Matt + Kim. There will also be appearances from Big Sean and Charlotte Lawrence. This is a single day event – on 20 October 2018 – that will operate from 17.00 until 23.00.

Totally New Concept

The project has been in the planning process for a year now and the event organizer was very keen to develop a concept that pulled together music and Cryptocurrencies as well as Blockchain technology. The aim behind all of this is to make the festival a lot more streamlined and cost effective. One of the biggest highlights for the organizer is also that so many middlemen can be cut out keeping profits at a maximum. This is a major benefit.

Blockchain technology will be used extensively to power this event where there is a completely transparent ticket sales process with ticket prices that are as cost effective as possible. The lack of middlemen means that mark ups are limited. Ticket holders will be able to be verified digitally which will save on time and money and provide additional security. Ticket holders will also enjoy discounts and special promotions at the event through the event token ecosystem.

All eyes will be on this first Blockchain music festival and it will be interesting to not only see how well the event runs but also the uptake from the general public and their thoughts on the high technology festival. As has been seen a lot recently, there are a plethora of projects taking off now globally with Blockchain playing a substantial role. Gone are the days when it was solely associated with Cryptocurrencies. It is now becoming a game changer in its own right. Although there are still many skeptics over Cryptocurrencies themselves, Blockchain is really proving its worth and is already saving companies and countries thousands if not millions of dollars a year. We still have not seen the full effects of Blockchain and just how much it can support our current lifestyle. This will all evolve over the coming months and years. What is for sure is that we are gong to be seeing a lot more of these firsts for Blockchain being announced in the near future.

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