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StopTheFakes: Putting An End To Piracy, Plagiarism And Counterfeiting

Samantha Mitchell




A Noble Cause

StopTheFakes is a truly noble cause. As their catchy name suggests, StopTheFakes is a project that aims to bring an end to counterfeiting, piracy, and plagiarism by designing a system that can easily detect when content is being misused and alert the rightful owner of the content, and then go about documenting this violation. What StopTheFakes hopes to do is make this process easy, accessible and affordable internationally and rid the world as much as possible from misuse use and theft of contents of all kinds. There is a major focus on making the technology affordable as currently only big companies and establishments can effectively detect counterfeiting and the likes.

StopTheFakes uses Blockchain technology, on the Ethereum smart contract platform, to track payments and transactions that assists in sniffing out the fakes out there. StopTheFakes does not only want to create a system whereby digital thieves can be caught out but a safe and secure marketplace where products can be bought and sold with 100% certainty of their authenticity. In this marketplace, users can make use of the STF token. The uses for this technology are infinite but in the beginning stages, StopTheFakes aims to focus on the film industry, computer gaming, retail and musicians as they are some of the worst affected when it comes to piracy and the black market.



Symbol: STF
Type: ERC20
Exchange rate: 1 ETH = 2400 STF
Tokens Available: 20,271,000
Start date: March 21, 2018
End date: April 21, 2018

Website | Whitepaper


• Provision of a platform to track counterfeiting, piracy and other infringements
• Provision of a safe and secure marketplace on which to purchase authentic products
• Built on Ethereum smart contract platform
• Aim to eliminate illegal sales of merchandise online
• Documentation system in place to document violations of all kinds
• Doer system to allow for users to earn STF which they can spend in the marketplace or keep as investments
• Mobile app
• Use of hosting and cloud technologies


How You Can Earn STF Tokens

Apart from buying tokens, users have another way in which they can earn tokens, and this is by becoming a Doer. Doers search the web for possible fakes and infringements and send them through the STF system. For their hard work and honesty, they are rewarded with STF tokens.


StopTheFakes has an impressive team in place to ensure the smooth running of all operations. Mikhail Krzhanovsky is the CEO and co-author of the project. He has had four years of legal copyright protection, which proves his genuine passion in the field and makes him the perfect man to lead the team. The Chief Technology Officer is Dmitry Kostachev, a fellow Russian with some major credentials in the world of tech. These two powerhouses are joined by at least a dozen other professionals.

Stopthefakes Team


The best thing about StopTheFakes is that it provides a simple solution to a tricky problem. STF has the potential to help millions of people around the world and put a stop to the dirty acts of piracy affecting innocent content producers. For more information check out STF’s White paper.

Bitcointalk user: MarkSinn 

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