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SprintX ICO – An ICO Maker With An Integrated Exchange For Startups

Samantha Mitchell



SprintX ICO

Lack of financing is one of the major challenges that many startups grapple with the world over. This issue always leads to the failure of the startups to move past the initial phases of development. But one of the successful avenues virtual coins have used to generate funds is the Initial Coin Offering – ICOs.

Up to now, there is no single reliable and safe platform that can be used for the purpose of generating growth for enterprises and allow them to realize their full potential. To guarantee automatic success, there is a dire need for a platform that would guide the entrepreneur with both technical and advice tools.

SprintX ICO

What the SprintX Offers

SprintX SPX Solution is the only solution to this kind of problem. This is because it is a platform that is mainly focused on the development of brand new ideas in the Cryptocurrency space. The main aim of this platform is to offer support to all the initiatives that promote the adoption and use of the virtual coins, in one way or another. Its motto is An ICO Maker with an integrated exchange for Startups.

Both the customers and users of the platform are the protagonists and key players respectively. To achieve this, SprintX has introduced a program known as SwitchX. This is a multifunctional exchange that users can access with the help of their debit cards.

But apart from that, SwitchX has other features that include the following: both cold and hot wallets Adaptability to folks Assimilation to Airdrop.



Token Symbol: SPTX
Token Standard: ERC20 {ETH}
Total Token Issued: 299, 000,000 SPTX
Soft Cap: 18,000 ETH
Token Price: 1 ETH = 1 112 SPTX
Minimum Purchase: 0.5 ETH

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fund allocationThe Main Features of SprintX Platform

• The platform has the capability of incorporating the Initial Coin Offering tokens to its special SwitchX exchange
• It also allow the creation and adoption of new Initial Coin Offerings that have been picked under the technique known as the Lean Startup
• It enables the use of customers’ debit cards that would be later connected to their virtual coin balances
• It has banking entities that can be used by those who want to convert crypto coins to Fiat
• It also enable the direct development of smart contracts on its main ETH platform
• Users will also get personalized advice since the platform has professional advisors from all corners of the ICO market
• The other important feature is that customers would be able to access the platform using both their hot and cold wallets

The Smart Contract Generator

To standardize templates and customize them for the launch of the Initial Coin Offerings, SprintX will use a system known as the smart contract generator.

This system has a number of characteristics and features but key among them are:

The power of testing the functions of a smart contract before a new ICO is introduced.

It can also deploy the smart contracts automatically without seeking human need The smart contract generator also makes it easy to personalize various templates.

How Will The Entrepreneurs Benefit?

Since SprintX seeks to bring every user on board, here are some of the benefits it has to the entrepreneurs:

The Generation of the Blockchain and Smart Contracts

One of the advantages users on this platform will have is to use the Blockchain network to create several executable contracts.

Automatic Upgrade to the main Exchange

This is another great benefit entrepreneurial users of this platform will enjoy. Each time they use the platform to come up with their own ICO, they will be able to automatically move the tokens to SwitchX.

As earlier indicated, the SwitchX is the main exchange that the platform. This will end up saving the entrepreneurs both money and time they need to facilitate their jobs.

Several Banking Entities are Brought on Board

The other thing that sets SprintX apart is the availability of several banking entities that can traders can use to convert the Cryptocurrency to fiat currency.

These banking bodies will offer the required permits and other legal documents and allow the users to apply their debit cards to change the virtual coins into the fiat currencies.

SprintX ICO Token

Ability to Participate in the Businesses of the Company

Through the use of SprintX coin, users of this amazing platform will have an opportunity to take part in the main businesses of the company. The reason why the coin is distributed using an Initial Coin Offering is to offer the SprintX platform sufficient funds that can be used for development. The remaining benefits would be shared among the investors of the platform.

To ensure transparency when rewarding the investors, the platform uses the following system of reward. This system will have 30% off bonus in the tokens that shall have been traded during the Pre-ICO sale period. Since this is a security token, the investors would then, in turn, get dividends from the profits of the exchange each quarter.

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