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SKYFChain: The Very First Link For Businesses And Robots

Samantha Mitchell




The Merge Of Businesses And Robots

SKYFChain is a truly one of a kind ICO as it aims to use Blockchain technology in a way that no one has done before- by bringing robots to businesses and beyond. Robots, especially cargo-related robots, can greatly increase the efficiency of a variety of industries. And while robots and robotic technology have for the most part been reserved for the big businesses out there, SKYFChain wants to make them accessible to even the smallest of businesses.

So how will they do this? The first robot that SkYFChain will implement is their very own SKYF drone and if this goes according to plan they will start implementing robots of all kinds. As an example, cargo companies could efficiently and effectively make the switch from helicopters to SKYF’s cargo drones and save both money and time.

So the way in which the industry will work is that token holders can use their tokens to buy unmanned cargo robots, of which SKYF will charge a commission. This commission will go back to the SKYF token holders and in this way, the SKYFChain economy will continue to grow, and even more so when the number of unmanned cargo robots are linked onto the SKYF network.

SKYF realizes that there are some major risks involved with the high-end operation of unmanned cargo robots to they have taken every measure to eliminate these risks as much as possible, and are completely licensed and regulated in Estonia- the emerging crypto hub of the world.



Symbol: SKYFT
Type: ERC20
Total: 1,200,000,000
Exchange rate: 1 SKYFT = 0.065 USD
Minimum Token purchase: 3000 SKYFT

Website | Whitepaper


• Provision of unmanned cargo drones and robots on an integrated system
• First ever business to robot (B2R) platform
• One of a kind SKYF drone that has already undergone testing
• Plans all the way to 2040
• Several big clients on board already

SKYFChain Token Allocation

Benefits Of Buying SKYFT Tokens

On top of SKYFChain’s major potential as an investment opportunity, token holders of SKYFT have one other major opportunity that should be noted. The sale of the first 1000 SKYF Drones will have a 20% commission on them and this commission will not be kept by the top dogs but instead will be spread amongst token holders.


SKYFChain has a team in place that can put all your worries to rest: they are experts in their field and truly passionate about the SKYFChain project. Alexander Timofeev is SKYFChain’s respected CEO and has been successful in founding and launching a variety of scientific and technological projects. At the head of drone development, we have the talented Dmitry Arsentyev who has been involved with aviation since he was a child.



There is no doubt that this is one ambitious project but it seems as if SKYFChain has all their ducks in a row. While the technology itself may not be applicable and useful to the average human, anyone looking at drones and unmanned cargo robot facilities may want to take a good hard look at SKYFChain and all of their applications.


Bitcointalk user: MarkSinn

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