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Qurrex ICO – Most Secure, Most Institutional, Most Professional Crypto Exchange

Samantha Mitchell



Qurrex ICO

Qurrex is the first hybrid digital asset exchange that is used to integrate commercial infrastructures with normal stock exchanges on an entirely decentralized platform. Much is disclosed on this whitepaper.



The Token

Token: QRX
Token Type: ERC20
Token Price: 1 ETH = 500 QRX
Public Sale Begin On: 10th June 2018
Public Sale Ends On: 30th June 2018
Hard Cap: $53,000,000

Website | Whitepaper

Qurrex TokenHow it Operates

One thing that makes Qurrex the best company is that it has been designed by real professionals and targets other professionals. But other than that, there are other core features that place this great company ahead of other key market players.

Talking of performance, Qurrex is capable of handling up to 70,000 operations just within one second. While there is a frequent load testing that is undertaken under the supervision of the top clients, the company also has a latency of 650 us, which is almost 100%, 99% to be precise.

When it comes to social trading, trader community platform of Qurrex is capable of offering efficient management of all the trading accounts of the user and is also verified and evaluated with top-notch standards.

For all the traders who place their trading accounts in the ranking system of Qurrex, income will be directly sent through the available trade signals. In addition to that, there is also a private marketplace, an integrated trading portal, as well as a database that comes with a chat messenger and a forum.

The functionality of the entire system has been set with a trading that is whole based on algorithm and also embedded into the Graphical User Interface. This has incorporated amazing features such as auto-copying of various trading signals of the firm. There is also a broad variety of analytical chats and tools that are present on the platform. Its top speed integrated API works with a fast, fixed binary native web socket as well as a REST software.

By availing all the details to the customers, Qurrex promises nothing but utmost transparency as well as a seamless process of formalization. Besides the business audit exercise that is carried out annually, there would also be a frequent disclosure of all the financial accounts.

With the use of Blockchain network, the company will ensure that there is a safe storage process and do away with the intermediary processes normally aggregate from a number of network nodes.

Qurrex AdvantagesAbout the Initial Coin Offering

Qurrex has a token that is denoted by QRX. The token is based on the ERC20 token standards. As indicated on the whitepaper, 70,000,000 will be the total supply of tokens during the ICO period.

Out of that number, 55,000,000 will be made ready for the initial token sale. The public sale period will begin on the 10th of June and run until the 30th June 2018.


The team behind Qurrex ICO is dedicated to creating a platform that will assist in improving the virtual currency trading. This is the best platform for those who are into crypto trading or planning to join.

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