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NVIDIA’s Latest Mainstream GPU To Be Announced In August 2018?

Samantha Mitchell



NVIDIA’s Latest Mainstream GPU To Be Announced In August 2018

The Hot Chips conference is set to take place between 19 and 21 August 2018. The program or agenda of the conference has been leaked online and a huge standout topic is being presented by Stuart Oberman, the vice president of GPU engineering at NVIDIA. The title of that topic? Nvidia’s next mainstream GPU. This comes in amidst several mooted presentations from NVIDIA, but the opener from Oberman is what has really got tongues wagging. However, no sooner had this been released, then NVIDIA’s CEO announced at this year’s Computex that the world wouldn’t see the next GeForce GPU for a long time. Was this merely a means of increasing hype? Will the newest GPUs not form part of the GeForce stable? Or was something else at play?

The Rumored Turing Graphics Cards

Its an open secret that NVIDIA’s next set of graphics cards are being referred to, shorthand, as Turing. Turing, of course, is the name of the well-renowned test created by the machine scientist who invented it, that has long been the benchmark by which we measure whether machine learning has surpassed human learning. Whilst the name in reference to NVIDIA’s latest graphics cards is somewhat ambitious, the link between NVIDIA’s next generation and machine learning is clear.

Possible Release Dates Of The GTX 1180?

GTX 1180After the back and forth regarding the Stuart Oberman presentation in August (with a current (amended) topic now listed as “TBD”) it is now uncertain whether an announcement regarding the Turing GPUs can be expected at Hot Chips, or any other time in the near future. The question, of course, is what this means for the much discussed possibility of the Turing flagship, the GTX 1180.

Rumored GTX 1180 Specs

Despite the cold water dousing NVIDIA shaped dreams, it’s still worthwhile assessing the rumored specifications of the GTX 1180. The GTX 1180 is reported to be powered by a processor known as the GT104. Insiders have predicted that it will have an astounding number of CUDA cores – upwards of 3584. Memory configuration is also set to be insane, with between 8 and 16GB of GDDR6 memory running at 16GB per sec on a 256-bit GDDR6 interface. The GTX 1180 is, therefore, expected to have a memory bandwidth of 512GB per sec. If these rumors are to be trusted, the GTX 1180 will perform at speeds well in excess of any of its competitors running HBM2 memory, also serving as a significant improvement on its predecessor, the GTX 1080.

Graphics Card Specifications And Possible Price

The graphics card itself is expected to hit speeds of between 1.6GHz and 1.8GHz, depending on whether boosted or not. It is expected to run at a TDP of up to 200W, which is impressive given the increased performance and will be intriguing news for miners. The potential price, currently, is rumored at 700 USD.

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