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Nvidia To Launch New Cryptocurrency Miners

Samantha Mitchell




The growing obsession with all things crypto has continually grown the Cryptocurrency space and all things related to it. With the ever-expanding Cryptocurrency demand more and more tech options are being developed to ease the buyer and miner’s experience. One such development is expected to come from Nvidia.
Rumour has it that Nvidia is planning on launching a new GPU (Graphics Processing Unit) specially made for Cryptocurrency miners. This has remained to be speculation, at this point, because this news is yet to be formally confirmed by the tech company.

Previously using gaming GPUs, this newly reconfigured mining GPUs will offer miners continue getting high hash rates, ie, 47MH/s for Ethereum, 879 H/s for Monero, and 660 Sol/s for, ZCash respectively, at a more affordable price. They are engineered exclusively for miners, as they do not come with any video output ports that can allow you connect to a monitor.

This new P102-100 GPU is rumored to be an improvement of the GP102 GPU, in contradiction to previous reports of it being scrapped entirely.

The graphics card will come with the sizing of 21.5 cm to 12.5 cm, have a 5GB GDDR5X memory, and a 3200, with base speeds of 1582, core. It will also have dual cooling fans with five copper heat pipes.
This new GPU does come with many grand promises to it if it does eventually launch that is. However, online crypto blog chatter does raise a few issues that have already been speculated. Some of these foreseen problems include:
• Most miners may still be drawn towards investing in a GeForce GPU model as compared to ones strictly dedicated to mining. This is because, with gaming GPU, you can use them for other various activities as compared to mining GPUs. These graphics cards will not come with display outputs making them lack versatility in use.
• The possibility of reselling them, and possibly their resale value, will also be slim for the same above reason, unless you will be selling it to another miner.
• Most crypto enthusiasts foresee the pricing of these GPUs being pitched higher than gaming GPUs. Most have not voiced enthusiasm in purchasing a mining GPU at a higher price than a gaming one but with minimal usability.
• Like gaming GPUs, many people see the mining GPUs facing the same issues as normal gaming ones, those of memory shortage problems.

The above points suggest that many miners would not go out of their way to purchase a mining model when they can still use an already existing, or have the option of purchasing a new, gaming one.
Production of these mining chips is expected later in the year; this is however not confirmed. This possibility has continued to diminish with the continual downturn experienced in the Cryptocurrency market.

However, if these cards do come to fruition, there will be very many positive changes in the GPU space. Production of these mining graphics cards has the possibility of normalizing the prices of gaming GPUs.

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