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Much Anticipated Lympo Token Pre-Sale Launch

Samantha Mitchell



Lympo Token

Health and wellness application, Lympo is scheduled to launch its token pre-sale just at a time Cryptocurrency analysts classify it as one of the apps to watch this year. Lympo has been able to climb up the ladder on ICObench, which is one of the most recognized ICO analysis websites. In the ICObench’s sports sector, Lympo has been ranked amongst the leading two, while appearing on the list of top four in the site’s health sectors.

Lympo is set to release 150 million Lympo Tokens, {abbreviated as LYM]. This pre-sale event is scheduled to come to an end on the third day of February 2018 or when the hard cap is attained.

The pre-sale of the Lympo token appears to have been motivated by the growing success of another fitness app known as Sweatcoin.

Sweatcoin has witnessed a huge growth of its user base almost by 5 million as well as more than 260% rise in revenue just in the last one year. But Lympo is a bit different from the apps like the Sweatcoin. Its main difference is that the platform is capable of syncing with a number of apps and other wearable devices to effectively track wellness and health data. After tracking the workout data through smartphones and other devices, this digital health and fitness app goes ahead to reward its users with Lympo tokens. This is done after they have attained a particular mindfulness and fitness target.

SeatcoinToken: LYM
PreICO Price: 1 ETH = 60,000 LYM
Price: 1 ETH = 50,000 LYM
Bonus: Available
Platform: Ethereum
Accepting: ETH
Country: Estonia
Restricted areas: USA, China


Tokens can later be used to buy a number of health services and products. According to a senior official at Lympo, the company is already in negotiations with an insurtech firm that would be backing up their technology as a means for health insurers to offer rewards for healthy lifestyles. This is just in the same manner motor vehicle insurers provide no claim bonuses to those who drive well. Sweatcoin, on the other hand, uses data that is obtained from its own custom application.

Lympo ico Blockchain healthLympo can be thought of as a special Bitcoin of fitness, and the developers are placing isometrics on the blockchain and providing crypto for crunches. As the world continues to evolve digitally, social media has continued to attract many users on a single day. Popular sites like Facebook, Twitter, and Google Plus have provided avenues for sharing personal data, but they aren’t rewarded for that. Lympo tends to turn this model on its head and opted to reward wellness and health users for sharing their personal data.

Lympo has an ecosystem that is fully powered by user-controlled and user-generated data, created through the application. This is done while capitalizing on the free flow of data that is not administered through the hands of the companies but of the users. The rather unique set up for the Lympo app will also have a portion of the LYM tokens reserved for the BSF- Blockchain for Sports Foundation, which is particularly providing support to sporting initiatives and events all across the world.

In an announcement that was made earlier this month, poker player, philanthropist cum politician Antanas Guoga popularly known as Tony G was named as the head of Lympo’s Blockchain for Sports Foundation. Follow the Official Telegram.

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GONetwork ICO: Highly Scalable, Low Cost Mobile First Network Infrastructure Designed for Ethereum

Samantha Mitchell




GONetwork ICO has been mainly designed to offer a platform that would bring together app economies across desktop, web, and mobile platforms. It enables the users to buy digital commodities over the Internet and from other users in a seamless manner.


Symbol: GOT
Type: ERC20
Presale Start: Not Yet Set
Available for Token Sale: 50%
Total Supply: 100,000,000 GOT
Possible ROI:400%

Website | Telegram | Whitelist

Fast Ethereum Transactions

One of the methods that the state agencies use to liquidate the cost of various transactions is calculating the total number of completed off-chain transactions. Therefore, in normal top-notch workflows, the cost of the transaction would be expected to be much lower than when the trader directly runs the trading on the Ethereum Cryptocurrency.

The main objective of GONetwork is to come up with a one-of-its-kind mobile network, which will work perfectly well for the off-chain Ethereum’ ERC20. This ICO has been designed with not only an affordable and fast infrastructure, but one that is also of low latency.

The high cost of transactions has been one of the main problems that have been facing the Blockchain technology. By enabling its customers to have an off-chain transaction, GONetwork ICO solves this problem once and for all.

Although the Blockchain technology has grown to become a bit revolutionary, it currently faces certain challenges that must be fixed to allow it serve the consumer market. The technology can handle just a tiny portion of Cryptocurrency transactions, which shows that it is not effectively utilized at scale. By investing in research and coming up with a strong team, GONetwork seeks to bring a solution to this problem.

The GoToken by GoNetwork
As indicated earlier, the high cost of transaction and slow speed are the two main problems that currently face Blockchain technology. At the moment, transactions of established cryptos like Bitcoin are not only slow but very expensive. With the continuing adoption, Ethereum will definitely follow that very path.

GoNetwork ICO has stepped in to ensure that this problem is fixed before it grows big. The GoToken, the native token for GoNetwork ICO has grown to become one of the most solid virtual currencies that are on the market.

Bringing Virtual Coins to the Masses

As of today, mobile Internet browsing has outdone desktop web browsing. In ten countries, Google has grown bigger on mobile platforms than on desktop. In short, mobile has grown to become the main device used by the majority. ERC20 tokens, Ethereum and other virtual currencies need mobile interoperability and accessibility to be adopted by the masses. That is exactly what GoNetwork believes in.

Its primary aim is to use state channel technology in its system, to come up with a scalable, cheap and fast mobile first off chain transaction network to be used by Ethereum. Achieving this and taking the virtual coin to the masses will only happen when there is a pocket product that can be easily used in the commerce world.

GoNetwork ICO TeamThe Team 
GoNetwork ICO has been able to achieve a great milestone because of the strong team that drives its growth. It’s currently headed by Rashid Khan, the founder of Infinidy Corp in Canada. The CTO is a professional in the Blockchain technology and a software architect, Amit Shah. Other team members are Xun Cai, Harry Peng, Miao Jiang, Yifan Evan Zhu, Maanas Rauleta and others.


For anyone who has been tirelessly looking for a safe, decentralized, digital coin commerce platform, which would seek to leverage the entire technology, then GoNetwork ICO, is the best to consider.

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BTCx, the most advanced version of Bitcoin

Samantha Mitchell




What is BTCx?

There has been a large increase of Bitcoin users over the years due to the popularity of the Bitcoin. This has resulted in exponential growth in the number of payment transactions done. The amount of volume coming in has lead to the Blockchain system locking down. This has forced Bitcoin to look for solutions to solve this issue. Therefore, there is now a need for a program such as BTCx. This platform aims to solve the current problem experienced by Bitcoin by improving upon Bitcoins features and functions overall. BTCx is an alternative to the Bitcoin software, which is written, in a different language to the “stack based language” of Bitcoin.

Initial Coin Offering

The distribution will be conducted through ICO, which is set to begin in the last quarter of 2017 and will end during the first quarter of 2018. The program will be allowed to run during the first 3 months of 2018, and full integration with other systems is expected to be during the last half of the year.
The trade will be on stock markets e.g. HitBTC and EtherDelta at first, with larger exchanges following thereafter. By 2019 BTCx should be up and running with no problems, and 2020 will see more partnerships being formed with big institutions such as banks.
What makes BTCX a better option than Bitcoin?

btcx banner ico

What makes BTCx the better is the Turing language used.

BTCx is faster when transacting. The speed is increased through Blockchains that are more advanced than that of Bitcoin. A BTCx block runs 40 times faster than Bitcoin. General block time for Bitcoin is 10min, this is just way to long. BTCx is only 14seconds.
It is more secure.
Users have the chance to create contracts quicker with BTCx
It has cheaper rates
There is a private transaction option on BTCx, which also contributes, to the improved security of using BTCx.

BTCx Initial Coin Offering

Token Information

Symbol: BTCx
Total Supply: 21,000,000.00 BTCx
Decimals: 8

The Future of BTCx

Each month approximately 1200 customers join BTCx. The volumes of transaction are at a record high and with no signs of ever going down. The decentralization of transactions is the main aim of Cryptocurrency but BTCx is not looking to outcast the banks, they have plans to partner up with banks in the future.
Right now, it is the perfect time to investing in BTCx. The plans outlined are those with long-term growth in mind, and those, which will further solidify Bitcoins’ top spot on the virtual currency list. There is great potential for BTCx to move the digital currency world into a much more mainstream area that will benefit all those involved in the project. Visit the website here for more information.


BTCx is more than an upgrade to Bitcoin, which hopes to solve all the internal issues that Bitcoin has faced over the years. It is a platform that has its eyes set on moving the digital currency revolution to the greatest level it can reach.


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CoinLion: The First Of Its Kind In Cryptocurrency

Samantha Mitchell



coinlion pic

A platform unlike no other?

CoinLion Platform, which is using Lions as tokens, is hoping to successfully address the needs of the modern day crypto-trader. This trading platform is a new exchange and portfolio management platform designed to make the experience an easy and simple one. CoinLion aims to provide one platform that is controlled and disciplined. This will ensure that the needs of the trader are met especially in the expanding world of digital currency.
CoinLion has issued a token sale which will only be for a limited time only. No tokens will be issued after token sale has closed.
The Lion token will only work within CoinLion, however, it does ensure that it’s community of traders receive some benefits. This includes receiving few discounts on certain trades on different markets. Other incentives of transacting on the same trading platform can be gained by creating portfolios and sharing content on the platform. Read the Whitepaper.

coin lion ico
CoinLion features:

  • Portfolios can be created and managed with ease
  • It provides the simplicity of being able to trade more than one position in a single click
  • The platform is able to trade 1m transactions per second
  • It has a dual blockchain system which ensures data transparency
  • CoinLions first blockchain contains all data which pertains to orders
  • The data pertaining to transactions are stored in the second blockchain.
  • CoinLion supports all major currencies and it continuously makes additions of new currencies
  • Its primary market is in bitcoin and Ethereum, and will also make additions of other cryptocurrencies with time.


crypto coinlionSymbol: LION
Type: ERC20
Presale Start: 3,500 LION / 1 ETH 25 million token cap
Max cap: 250 million (50% of total supply). The unsold tokens will then be frozen and locked up for years.
Total Supply: 500 million
ICO Phase 1 : Dec 18- Jan 7 (3,000 LION/ 1 ETH)
ICO Phase 2: Feb 12- Feb 25 (2,500 LION/ 1 ETH)

Users can spend and earn in Lion.

To earn Lion a user can:

  • Creating and Sharing portfolios with other users
  • Submit research which CoinLion may publish on the platform
  • Allow advertisers to have access to their profile
  • Become top performers to earn Lion.

Lion can be spent by:

  • Following or duplicating other profiles
  • Creating and publishing profiles
  • Using advanced features within management portfolio tools
  • Accessing premium features within their library.


The Team:

The CoinLion platform was created by a strong team of individuals who have spent years building their experience in financial application development. They have 16 members who are at the heart of CoinLion’s foundation. Their leadership consists of individuals who have been part of large businesses and have placed key roles within those cpmpanies.

In Conclusion:

With all the above mentioned information, CoinLion is most definitely a platform with great potential. It offers great features which users who are new traders will appreciate. There is definitely room for a platform such as this in the cryptocurrency. One that will be easy to use, secure and manageable.


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