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MovieCoin Takes Things To The Next Level

Samantha Mitchell




MovieCoin Is Expanding

The movie industry is being revolutionized as we speak with MovieCoin. This very new solution offers customers additional options such as learning and engaging as part of their overall entertainment experience. New Blockchain technology and Cryptocurrencies are being used to take this concept to the next level.

Statistics suggest that there are over one billion movie tickets sold each and every year globally. And this figure is growing year on year even though we see new media solutions appearing frequently, the cinema is still a very popular form of entertainment around the world. However MovieCoin has now decided to move things along a little and is looking at developing one of the greatest experiences for its customers. will soon be available to tempt users into a brand new experience providing an online web portal which has been developed to offer a much more engaging adventure for customers. Whether you are a fan, a director or a member of crew, you will be able to use this new portal as a dedicated area to engage with others who share your movie and entertainment interests. The launch is scheduled for autumn 2018 so there is not long to wait.

MovieCoin Token

What’s On Offer

Buying the tickets through MovieCoin Tokens – New platform offers customers the ability to buy movie tickets as well as gift cards for the cinema and videos on-demand to name a few

Discounts on the value of Movie Tickets – MovieCoin plans to buy around one million cinema tickets around the world over the new few years so that in turn it can offer great discounts to its own customers. Purchasing this many will provide MovieCoin users with amazing offers which they alone would not be able to achieve

Memorabilia auctions & private events – These will very much be limited to MovieCoin token holders and will offer some great prizes such as red carpet premiers and pre opening cinema screenings. Customers can also play against each other on movie specific tests which are loaded onto certain social media channels. Users as well will have the opportunity to speak to both the cast and the crew of their favorite movies

Behind-The-Scenes Access – Customers will be able to access behind the scenes previews from behind the camera as well as opportunities to go onto set to meet cast and crew

Film database – in-depth information will be available on a special database for customers alone. Reviews can also be written by customers and with those also in the community being able to rate said reviews. Those reviews with the best ratings can then have the opportunity to win MovieCoins as a prize.

And Looking Forward

This is being entitled as the “…ultimate interactive experience” which remains to be seen however if it does come off then it is certainly a win for those passionate about the movie industry and for the movie industry as a whole. We really are now beginning to see how effective Blockchain technology and Cryptocurrencies can be at enhancing our lives. It will certainly be very interesting to watch this latest story unfold.

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