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MoBee – Synergy Of Blockchain And Telecom Market

Samantha Mitchell




Technology is one of the best inventions the world can boast of. It has literally made the world a global village. Since the world has been made very small because of technology, outsourcing is one of the current preferences used by a number of professionals.

Telecommunications is what has made the whole idea of outsourcing very possible, and the outsourcing market for the telecommunication networks is approximated to be worth a value that is in the region of $60 billion.

This is a very huge market, and a number of virtual coins trading platforms have lately shown interests of tapping into it. MoBee is one of them. It has been specifically made to be a Cryptocurrency that will not only create but also support a worldwide mobile virtual operator.


MoBee has a token that is widely known as MBE. This token has been made up of three core foundations; megabytes, money, as well as minutes. The main reason why this token has been designed is to take care of all kinds of operations, and it is the hope of the developers that it would grow to become the primary platform of all internal payments.

The MoBee MBE token can be traded with and converted to other virtual coins and not forgetting the fiat currency. This token is very lucky to have received a tremendous support from a broad array of mobile communications resources. Its motto is Synergy of Blockchain & Telecom market.

The-MBE-IssueAbout MoBee ICO

The MoBee project is a decentralized system that is entirely based on the Blockchain technology and is made up of a number of smart contracts. All these smart contracts are found within the perimeters of the Blockchain as well as its own virtual coin.

To be of assistance to those who are in the industrial market, MoBee works with both the Blockchain network and smart contract technology

One of the things that can make this vast market more safe, accessible and economically sound for several participants in a more direct P2P (Peer-to-Peer) ecosystem. When the three main projects that make up this project are implemented, it will help all the participants in this vast market.

As earlier indicated, the native coin of MoBee, MBE has the backing of a daily in-demand mobile service that is found in the market of the real economy. As lit would be later explained in this article, the MBE token also has the support of the telecoms outsourcing market of a platform that is known as the NetWorx.

During both the pre-ICO and the ICO stages, those who have interest in participating in this platform will have an opportunity to get the MBE token at a huge discount. All these have been explained in the whitepaper.

It is, however, very crucial to note that the issue of the token is very limited. There are no extra tokens that have been kept somewhere to be issued once the ICO period elapses. For any purchase that would go past 3 ETH, an extra discount will be given to the buyer. This is one of the best things about this platform.

As time moves by, market analysts have foreseen a situation where the MBE token will be much more backed with several resources provided by mobile service providers. This will take place the moment MoBee virtual operator would grow its coverage to reach other regions not covered at the moment.

With the DiStream moneybox, it would become so easy to multiply the tokens that are stored on the account of the subscriber. Since the token will be listed on major stock exchanges, it would become so easy to change it into a number other virtual coins.

MoBee Token


Name of the token: MBE
Price During the Pre-ICO: 1 MBE = 0.0063 ETH
Price: 1 MBE = 0.007 – 0.009 ETH
Bounty & Bonus: Available
The Platform: Ethereum
Accepted Coins: ETH, BTC, LTC, and XRP
Hard Cap: 30000 ETH
Soft Cap: 1500 ETH
Country of Origin: United Arab Emirates
Countries that are Restricted: China, USA

Website | Twitter | Telegram | ANN | Whitepaper

MoBeeThe Main Features of MoBee ICO

• The main reason for this Initial Coin Offering is to create an online installment platform that would make it easy to pile the ETH, BTC, and the MBE tokens into one tangible MoBee check card.
• This would make it easy to use the virtual coins in any kind of store or at an ATM spot all across the world. All the scam risks have been taken away making the project very safe. To ensure utmost security, the company has implemented the use of the cryptographic encryption has been applied here.
• Since all the interactions here are transmitted via a decentralized peer-to-peer network, reduced traffic would be transmitted among the operators.
• It is very easy to change any kind of crypto asset while on the MoBee platform. The transaction is done immediately and this does not depend on the user’s geographical location.

The Components of MoBee

Here are the three main components that make up the entire concept behind MoBee.

The NetWorx Platform

Internet and voice traffic is some of the most important features in this market. The MoBee NetWorx has been created to generate both Internet and voice traffic to be used by the virtual operators of the main ecosystem. The platform has brought on board all well-versed freelancers in every sector of the telecommunications outsourcing industry.

The NetWorx is a very sophisticated avenue that makes it possible for the users to link all their requirements with the right experts and then manage all their roles with a lot of ease.

One of the best things about this great platform is that it offers all the services in exchange for traffic. This works differently from a number of platforms that charge certain funds for respective services.

The Virtual Operator of the MoBee Ecosystem

The main role played by the MoBee Ecosystem Virtual Operator is to be of service to the entire factors that have something to do with telecommunications network outsourcing.

It includes great factors like the clients, traffic, as well as a workforce of professional freelancers that are ready to handle all the outsourced roles.

The DiStream MoneyBox

Managing funds is one of the things that come first in a platform like this one. The main work of the DiStream is to manage all the user’s funds and other extra features of the ongoing projects. It has been mainly created to do away with the boundary that is between you, the customer, and your main bank account.

When put into comparison to those who are using mobile subscriptions, the DiStream MoneyBox platform offers consumers a number of good opportunities. Some of the features that are provided here are fixing the price plans of the services you offer and even managing the other service packages that are provided. In addition to all that, this platform allows users to make extra cash on the side. This is done by managing and even doubling up the MBE tokens.

There are also other opportunities that users can apply to make extra cash, and they include utilizing the MBE bonuses, exchanging the MBE tokens for the fiat currency and other virtual coins as well as taking out overdrafts. Since the time it was launched for the first time, the DiStream MoneyBox has been growing on a very fast speed and pace.

This is the same growth and development that has inspired the expansion of this platform to other industries and markets all across the globe. Some of the markets that this platform has expanded to include wholesale, retail, logistics, tourism, hotel and catering among a host of other market. This implies that the MBE token will be able to grow so much in value and maybe become as huge as some of the senior virtual coins such as Ethereum and Bitcoin.

The Usage of Funds at MoBee ICO

The usage of all the funds that would be raised from the MoBee ICO has been well planned. 4% of the total raised funds will be directed to both administrative and general use. The company plans to send 5% of those funds to main reserve of the project.

The highest percentage of the funds would be used for the purposes of marketing and sales. This will take 28% of the total raised funds. That would be followed closed with product development that would take up a total of 15% of the funds. While another 5% of the funds will be used to cater for legal and compliance, the docket of information security will take 6%. That percentage would, however, be doubled up by business development that would have 12% of the total funds.

The Distribution of Tokens

The main Initial Coin Offering of the company would have 75% of the raised funds. 10% will go the founders of the project while another 10% would be pumped to the pre-ICO campaign. The remaining 5% will go to the bounty program.

The company has also planned to use 10% of the raised funds for infrastructure and equipment. Both operational expenses and customer support would have 8% and 7% respectively.

The Roadmap for MoBee ICO

The first stage is known as the ICO+0. This stage involves important and straightforward issues such as the Initial Coin Offering itself. That is closely followed by the legal organization of the entire project. Once that is done, the next project would be to prepare both the proposals and the programs for the first operators.

The last process in this first stage is the advertising and marketing that is emphasized on developing the main ecosystem community of MoBee.


This stage involves very few steps. The first step is to present to the users the NetWorx platform. Once that has been successfully carried out, the MBE token exchange is then listed. Once the listing has been done, the agreements of the first partner with the distributed networks are entered.


This stage would mark the end of the DiStream moneybox development. Once it has been successfully created, the next project would be to launch; the MoBee operator.

The remaining task at this stage would only be to grow the entire ecosystem security of MoBee.


This is the third stage in the roadmap for MoBee ICO. Here the partner network is strengthened and grown. Both the subscriber base and the coverage are then expanded to reach all the corners of the market. That would then give way for the beginning of the process of preparing to own their own Blockchain.


Here there are only two stages that are involved in this whole stage. The first one would be to offer the support and other developments. Once that has been fixed, the next thing to do in this trade is to launch the books.

mobee-TeamThe Team at MoBee

Great teams make their companies better and help the participators to get the best services that they are looking for. That is exactly what MoBee has. The Chief Executive Officer is Alex Skuryat and the Chief Strategy Officer at MoBee is Alex Tishkov.

The CTO of the company is Andrew Koleda while Serge Sevbitov. In the North American region, the CCO is known as Serge Kletskao. Other people who are here are as follows; Andrew Yatskovski, Eugine Lim, the CMO, Daria Efremova. Vladimir.

Summary: What the Future Holds for MoBee MBE

Based on the information relayed on this platform’s main whitepaper, it is ready to work with some of the major players in this vast market. Any trader in this virtual coin market is ready to join and take advantage of the several opportunities that are offered on this amazing platform.

At the moment, the professionals are foreseeing that between, 150 to 200 mobile operators would need the services of MoBee in the coming future. This, in total, should make up between 25 to 30% of the main market. It also translates to revenues that are estimated to be in the region of $9 billion each year.

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