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Massive Increase in Recent Days of Jobs Connected to Bitcoin and other Cryptocurrencies on UpWork and LinkedIn

Ali Raza




Online professional platforms LinkedIn and Upwork declare huge increases in Bitcoin- and cryptocurrency-related jobs over the past few years. This surge has seen percentages for skill listings from the blockchain and cryptocurrency technologies go up by the hundreds.

LinkedIn’s jobs

The software sector boasts the highest number of jobs for which people declared crypto-skills on the popular professional social media page, LinkedIn. A Bloomberg analysis suggests that this type of listing account for an estimated 70% of all jobs related to cryptocurrencies. Positions requiring such abilities are constantly appearing and developing, their number in the past 3 years increasing by a staggering 460% in this sector.

Rather unexpectedly, the greatest such increase is registered by the financial services sector, sky-rocketing by an approximated 900% of previous listings over the past 3 years.

Recent times have seen cryptocurrencies like bitcoin come out of the shadows and rise from being underground technologies to a very public status. This tendency is visible in cases like LinkedIn’s, who reports that the number of profiles registered on the platform that boast cryptocurrency-related capabilities has increased by a factor of 28, while the number of individuals who boast capabilities specifically linked to bitcoin has increased by an astounding 550%

UpWork’s jobs

In a recent report from CNBC, it has been revealed that students with degrees in business from top schools in Europe and the U.S. start out their careers by investigating options in the blockchain and cryptocurrency domain. The report outlines the incredibly rapid growth of reported skills pertaining to cryptocurrencies in 2017’s third business quarter on UpWork, a platform that connects employers requiring help on different specialized projects with freelancers boasting their desired skills. In comparison to the previous business year, fees charged by freelancers for blockchain-related projects have risen in number by 2,652%. Following this line of inquiry, CNBC’s post continues by outlining plans of a highly-specialized course to be provided by Stanford University in the blockchain and cryptocurrency technology.

The collected information from the two platforms only serves to reinforce bitcoins path towards majority implementation and adoption, with a Forbes analysis entitled “It’s 1994 in Cryptocurrency” (referencing the era when the Internet rose to global use) currently evaluating the number of people using bitcoins and cryptocurrencies at around 0.5% of the world’s population.

That’s double as compared to the 0.25% of people that used the Internet back in 1994.

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