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Lendoit ICO (postponed)

Maciej Borkowski



lending platformDisclaimer: “Pay attention, Lendoit is post-poning his token sale”

At some point in our lives, we will certainly need a large amount of money at once, which would take us a long time to make. The needs are right now, but without resources, they cannot be met. Here come in loans. We borrow money from a bank in a promise to return more than we originally borrowed in the end. There’s a few problems with this solution, though. Banks often charge high fees and are inflexible. Usually, we also need to provide proof that we will be able to pay the loan back, which is called creditworthiness. We might be able to, but still, the bank might not deem us capable enough to pay back. Lendoit, an ICO company, aims to resolve some of the issues with a traditional lending systems.

What is Lendoit?

Lendoit is a decentralized peer-to-peer lending marketplace platform which connects borrowers and lenders from all over the world in a trusted, fast and easy manner using the advantages of Smart Contracts and Blockchain technology.

By connecting independent entities in a decentralized manner, a free market of loans is created. No bank to tell whether I can take a loan or not. Surely, this offers greater flexibility. Blockchain would make the transactions secure and transparent, giving security to both the lender and the borrower.

Loans will be able to be given in any ERC20 capable cryptocurrency, and the Smart Contract technology will be used for securing the transactions.

The Lendoit Team

Full of skilled people with experience in various industries, I can see this project succeed. It’s quite large, having 25 people on board, if you count the advisors. The CEO has over a decade of experience in Fintech industry, leading technological projects and development teams in the fields of trading systems, portfolio management and algo-trading in global companies like and Tradency. Yoav Pinkas, COO, has 30 years of experience in database administration and related fields. He has already established some successful platforms, like the aforementioned Rest of the team is just as eloquent, but with so many members, it’d be a long list of achievements.

Should I Invest in Lendoit ICO?

Concept of Lendoit is something that will surely fill a niche in the market, fulfill a need of consumers, thus due to that fact alone I believe it’s worth to invest at least a small sum of money into the ICO. With a skilled team like this, execution of the idea will most probably be done right, and success will be brought about. This project has positive social presence, and media coverage by outlets such as Huffington Post, Buzzfeed, Finance Magnates and Coinidol, on top of having increasing social media presence. I would recommend to read the whitepaper in depth and make a decision of your own, but personally, I would put in some insignificant change just to see where it goes.

Disclaimer: “Pay attention, Lendoit is post-poning his token sale”

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