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Kepler Technologies – AI & Robotics Ecosystem

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Kepler Technologies

About Kepler Technologies

Kepler Technologies, which is based in Georgia, has announced that it would be developing a decentralized platform that would be mainly focused on the development of robotics and Artificial Intelligence projects. The main idea behind the creation of this platform is to come up with a better means that inventors and developers can use acquire both financial and technical resources in a much more convenient manner. Its motto is AI & Robotics Ecosystem powered by Blockchain.


The Token

Token: KEP
Token Standard: ERC20
Maximum Supply: 100,000,000
Price: 1KEP Equals 1.25 USD
The Period of ICO: June & July
Accepted Currencies: Bitcoin, Ethereum
Hard Cap: US$ 62.5 Million
Minimum Cap: US$ 10 Million

Website | Telegram | Bitcointalk | Whitepaper

Kepler-Technologies TokenKepler Technologies: The Next Generation Blockchain System

One of the reasons why Kepler Technologies has opted to decentralize the development of robotics and AI is to open up a way of making profit for anyone in this multi-billion dollar market space. This is definitely an ecosystem made for the community by the community, and this case, the community refers to the inventors and the developers.

With the assistance of the tokenized assets, this decentralized project is what is needed to accelerate the development of Artificial Intelligence and robotics in this market. Apart from the Keplertek’s tokenized assets, the platform is also anchored on the fast-rising Blockchain network. The technology will allow it to bypass normal nation-state borders and then come up with an international tech market space for all the involved parties.

KEP Token

KEP is the name of the platform’s native token, and it would be applied to carry out several duties in the platform, all in a decentralized manner.


Last Word

In addition to all that, the platform seeks to offer the investors a more advanced liquidity when put in comparison with other traditional investment platforms. This is because it has its own exchangeable tokens that can be used in place of the assets.

It would even leverage predictive algorithms, data science and analytics to realize the full benefits to the users.

Join the conversion on both Telegram and Bitcointalk Forum and learn more…

Bitcointalk user: MarkSinn 

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