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Is It A Woman’s World Too?

Samantha Mitchell



Women and Cryptocurrency

There are more and more comments about the lack of women working in the digital economy and Blockchain industries. This was proven with the recent release of CoinDesk’s “Quarter 2 2018 State of the Blockchain Report” which showed that out of all investing in the Cryptocurrency markets, only a mere 4% are women.

The Asian Market

However, when you take a closer look at the inequality of the genders there are problems in both the Western and Asian business worlds. In China, Japan and South Korea how women are seen is a completely different story. So much is happening in the Chinese market and they are now seen as a leader. China has banned Initial Coin Offerings but last year beat the United States in producing over 50% of the global patent applications for Blockchain related submissions. And guess what, the leading Cryptocurrencies – by market cap – released in 2018 so far are all Chinese.

Cryptocurrencies In China

Even though Cryptocurrency trading is completely and utterly banned in China, there is still a massive keenness to be involved. The Chinese have simply found their own workarounds to keep their fingers in the Cryptocurrency market – through Japan, Hong Kong and South Korea. The Chinese are renowned for their get-rich-quick approach to life and this is none more apparent than with the Cryptocurrency industry and Blockchain. The Chinese have well and truly grabbed the bull by the horns and are exploring every single possible avenue. Which is the problem for women in the industry.

Women and Cryptocurrencies In China

Women In China

As mentioned, the above is the difficulty for women in China wanting to make a name for themselves. It is a cut throat business with everyone wanting to make as much money as quickly and easily as possible. So the challenges are very similar to those faced by any other woman around the world but heightened by the above. Added to this, women are not taken seriously in the Blockchain and Cryptocurrency industries which makes it difficult for any female to make her mark.

However, what needs to be considered is how much the community feel is valued in China. The Chinese version of WhatsApp – WeChat – is very much used as a massive community discussion group for Blockchain and the digital economy. It is very common for projects to have 50 plus groups of 300 members and over that are solely set up to connect and chat about said project. There are hundreds of these groups operating and one of which is “Blockchain Ladies”. This plays a vital role in China assisting women with getting out there and getting known.

What is very clear in both China and the rest of the world is that women have to work harder and be a lot more confident than males if they are to get ahead in Cryptocurrencies and Blockchain. There is absolutely no doubt about that. Forming the right connections and being as knowledgeable as possible about every aspect of their chosen industry will give women the necessary stepping stones. As with anything, if you are dedicated, willing to learn and tenacious it will all work out.

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