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InGot Coin ICO – The First Of Its Kind, All-Inclusive Ecosystem Will Be The Pioneer In Linking The Crypto Universe To The Current Traditional Financial Industry

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What is InGot Coin?

This is basically a blockchain-based ecosystem that will operate under the decentralized system and the smart contracts to create a special platform for a number of brokerage, exchanges, as well as trade options targeting both fiat and crypto.

In addition to that, InGot platform will also enable a number Cryptocurrency services so as to come up with an entire financial ecosystem that does not operate like the normal financial systems.

The Functionality Portals of the InGot Platform The InGot ecosystem have been branched into the following functionality portals: IC Brokerage – This functionality is entirely meant for those who are looking for more trading options. All that will be found in the IC Brokerage portal. The IC Digital Bank – This has been designed to facilitate all the payments, transactions as well as the settlements that are right within the INGO. IC Exchange – Through its exchange platform, IC also enable users to change both fiat and the virtual coins. The IC wallet – This is where all the virtual coins, the fiat currency, as well as the INGOT coin will be kept.

Other functionalities that are available in this platform are like the IC Crypto Certifier, which is an educative-based piece in regards to all the crypto coin investments. To speed up investments in transparent and valid ICO projects, InGot has also designed another functionality known as the IC ICO Accelerator. There is also the IC Liquidity Pool that gives insured liquidity for the InGot Coin, the fiat currencies as well as a number of other virtual coins. To give the developers and the enthusiasts an opportunity to interact and work together, InGot has created a special functionality known as the IC Community.

Ignot bridging markets


Token: IC
Pre-ICO Start Date: 1st May 2018
Pre-ICO End Date: 30th June 2018
ICO Start Date: July 1st, 2018
ICO End Date: 11th August 2018
Total Tokens Available: 90,000,000

Website  Telegram| Whitepaper

EcosystemWhat are the Benefits of Using InGot ICO?

Being an all-round ecosystem, INGOT has managed to conquer the market in a number of ways. As such, it has been able to create a number of benefits. The IC Bank completely takes away the need for fees and other payments that the intermediaries usually charge. The IC Bank also offers decentralized ledgers that bring a high level of transparency.

With the IC wallet, the safety of funds on this amazing platform is guaranteed. The wallet enables funds to be transferred not only in a safe way but also very smooth.

With its peer-to-peer model, decentralization of the transaction system is enabled.

Final Remarks

Everything that is needed to enable a safe financial operation is covered on this great platform. InGot platform simply gives the users an ability to determine their future in this fast-growing Blockchain system.

This is the perfect platform for those who might want to depend on a single consortium of portal for their entire needs.

Bitcointalk user: MarkSinn

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