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Iagon: Revolutionizing the Cloud

Samantha Mitchell




Iagon’s aims and objectives

Iagon is an ICO, who’s main aim is to revolutionize the cloud by creating a massive supercomputer, which will be backed by Blockchain and artificial intelligence. This will, in turn, create a platform that is accessible from all smartphone devices and will allow users to make use of a totally seamless and integrated platform.

The platform aims to be advantageous for both individuals as well as businesses. The decentralized aspect of the platform is very important and will be held together by the Artificial Intelligence that the platform will integrate. AI will also keep the platform safe and secure. The main function that Iagon could be used for is the secure storage of data.

There are also opportunities for miners to get involved in Iagon, especially in their initial phases.

Iagon’s Whitepaper is informative and provides in-depth knowledge about their business plans.

iagon_roadmapThe Token

Symbol: IAG
Type: ERC20
Pre-sale starts- 2 April
Total Supply: 700,000,000
Price: $ 0.07 per IAG for first 100 million tokens sold, $ 0.10 per IAG for next 100 million sold

Website | Whitepaper


Iagon list of features

• Built on Blockchain and Smart Contract technologies
• Provides an integrated platform
• Uses Artificial Intelligence for site security
• Provides a platform where users can safely store data
• Platform that can be accessed from a smartphone at any time
• Opportunities for miners

IAGON TeamThe Team

The team at Iagon is made up of a close-knit handful of professionals. Heading the team, we have Dr. Elad Harison who is considered an expert in mining and machine learning.

In Conclusion

Although Iagon’s ideals may sound a bit confusing in terms of practicality to the average user, their projects implement very useful ideas and their emphasis on security is certainly commendable. With the team of professionals behind this project, it’s definitely an ICO to keep your eye on.

Bitcointalk user: MarkSinn 

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