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Howdoo: A Decentralized Social Platform For Users, Content Creators And Advertisers

Samantha Mitchell




Howdoo’s Aims And Objectives

Howdoo is a creative platform backed by the Blockchain. The platform has many familiar aspects of social media and users are encouraged to upload interesting content. There will be a rewards system in place for users that do get involved with the community and share their stories.

Howdoo has even better incentives for content creators. The platform is completely transparent and fair, putting content creators in touch with potential buyers but not allowing anything in the form of plagiarism or content stealing. Content creators can rise to fame on Howdoo’s platform, which is the perfect place to be found.

Advertisers may also find Howdoo quite useful as the platform is a great place to find and connect with potential brand ambassadors, influencers, and models that are already creating engaging content on the site.

So basically Howdoo is a social platform that aims to bring brands and individuals together in an authentic way. Howdoo hopes to irradicate many of the existing industry issues on their platform. They hope to be totally transparent with their data sharing to build up trust within the community.

The blockchain algorithms will also be used as a ‘proof of contribution’ so that users technically own all the content that they choose to upload.

Howdoo will have very specific structures in place to ensure that influencers and creators get paid fairly by brands, as well as ways to allow the creator to track where exactly their content ends up in the world.

By reading Howdoo’s Whitepaper, you’ll get a more solid idea about what exactly the company is about and what they aim to achieve.


The Token

Symbol: HWD
Type: ERC20
Total Supply: 888,888,888
Price: 1 HWD is $ 0.08
Hard Cap: $ 7,999,999.99

Website | Whitepaper | Twitter

Howdoo FeaturesHowdoo List Of Features

• Built on Blockchain technologies
• Provides a platform for content creation
• Links top creators with brands
• Is a safe and secure content sharing platform
• Has relevant payment structures in place
• Project has gained international interest
• Has tracking systems in place to track content
• Users have control over their personal data

The Team

The team at Howdoo consists of a decent ammount of talented team members. David Brierly is Howdoo’s founder and also the Chief Initiator. He has been helping startups get off the ground for almost two decades and is a well-respected person in the industry.
Neil Harper is the head of marketing and is truly the perfect person as he has had many years of exerience for creating marketing strategies for similar business models.

These two are backed by a phenomenal team that are all highly talented and qualified fir their positions.


In Conclusion

With social media influencers, online content creators and social media advertising all being very popular, Howdoo couldn’t have come out at a better time. The target audience is obviously millennials who also have an ingrained interest in the crypto world. Crypto and social media seem like a good combination and we’re excited to see how Howdoo will bring the two together seamlessly.

Bitcointalk user: MarkSinn 

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