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Hong Kong Is Making A Move

Samantha Mitchell



Hong Kong Crypto

It’s All Go

Hong Kong has never been far off the track with the emergence of the new digital economy and it is now making a further move in the right direction. The government is keen to attract and bring in fintech specialists to take the country into the future. This does follow on from China making a concerted effort to develop Blockchain with all areas of the country being urged by the government to develop their strategies thick and fast.

The Hong Kong government has actually updated its immigration policy recently in a bid to bring in the best possible candidates. The plan is to support the country’s economy and the country has actually gone as far as producing a list of roles that are required which does include asset management as well as positions in distributed ledger technologies, artificial intelligence and cyber security. The aim will hopefully assist with Hong Kong becoming a “high value-added and diversified economy”. Hopes are high for attracting the right staff for the jobs from all over the world. The slots which need to be filled will be marketed under the “Hong Kong. Talent Hub – Unlimited Opportunities” umbrella. As highlighted above, roles aren’t just restricted to Blockchain and the latest technology, finance experience in the fields of trust funds, law and cross border transactions are also being promoted.

Hong Kong’s Quality Migrant Admission Scheme

Immigrants Are Welcomed

The country is very happy to highlight that it wants to become a lot more competitive in hiring the best in the world in order to pull the country forward. The Hong Kong’s Quality Migrant Admission Scheme (QMAS) will be able to assist those securing jobs in the region allowing those successful candidates to set up home in Hong Kong. Although the government has been quick to point out that those with experience listed in the required talent pool do not need to have got a role before moving to the country. And applicants can already start applying for those roles listed as long as the correct qualifications have been gained.

All On Board

This whole process has been worked on by the government, stakeholders and a plethora of consultants specifically to enhance the country. There is a lot of awareness that times are changing the world over and the digital economy and latest technology are here to stay and improve the way we work. Hong King is fully on board to do whatever necessary to stay ahead of the game and in fact get out in front.

Although China is well known for the fact that it is very much opposed to Cryptocurrencies, trading and Initial Coin Offerings, it is in favour of the new Blockchain technology and what it can achieve for the country. In fact, as mentioned above, the government has ordered all of its regional governments to get a move on when it comes to developing their strategies for Blockchain and their project’s implementation. So there is no real surprise that Hong Kong is now following in China’s footsteps. So those with Crypto and Blockchain experience, getting packing now – Hong Kong awaits you.

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