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GIF – Gambling Investment Found

Samantha Mitchell



GIF coin

What you Need to Know

The first three letters in GIFcoin are abbreviations that are used to mean Gambling Investment Fund {GIF}. GIFcoin is the first of this kind that has tver been launched to cater for the virtual currency.

The fund is entirely supported by, a website that was designed long before the idea of GIFcoin ICO was initiated. Unlike other Initial Coin Offerings, GIFcoin is expected to be one of the most genius ICO campaigns that have ever been witnessed in the financial market. The main idea behind the creation of GIFcoin ICO {Initial Coin Offering} is to solicit funds that will be later used in upgrading the main platform for VitalBet. This is the only way this website will be able to attract a huge number of clients from other countries that haven’t yet joined the bandwagon.

When this happens as planned, 80% of the net profit that this campaign will raise shall be shared amongst the token holders of GIFcoin within a period of one year. When the GIFcoin customers purchase GIF tokens from the planned ICO campaign, they will be able to take part in a continuing and profitmaking venture that will just mark the start of sustainable and long-term growth.

gifcoin tokenThe Token

Token Type – GIFcoin
Presale Start on – February 22nd from 08:00 AM {UTC}
Sale Ends On – March 15th from 12:00 AM {UTC}
Maximum Purchase – No Limit
Minimum Purchase – 0.01 ETH
Price – 1 ETH = 10,000 GIF
Total Supply – 300,000,000 Tokens available
ICO Phase 1 – Begins in February 2018
ICO Phase 2 – Begins in March 2018
Platform – Ethereum

Website  |  Whitepaper | Product


Why GIFToken Initial Coin Offering?

Growing at a fast speed and keeping up with the competition currently seen on the market is not as easy as one would think., which is the main support site for GIFToken would need a lot of things to let this happen. But key among them would be the initial capital for new functionality and design, an expansion of the county market, creating and launching of a functional mobile application, without forgetting serious advertising and marketing campaigns. Collecting funds using the two old-fashioned avenues; equity and debt appear to have grown not only risky but also time-consuming and very expensive. An Initial Coin Offering {ICO} is an alternative tool for collecting funds in a manner that is not only faster but also carries no risks.

GIFToken ICO plans to use the collected funds from the Initial Coin Offering campaign to achieve some of the plans it has for its consumers {as explained later in this article}. Those who shall have invested in the ICO campaign will get a reward at the end of the process. As a matter of fact, 80% of the yearly net profits will be set aside to reward the investors.

The Purchase of GIF Tokens

As earlier explained, members of the public are allowed to participate in the purchase of the GIF Tokens, a process that began at the beginning of 2018. Although the company has all the rights to change the period of the Initial Coin Offering, the first phase has been scheduled to begin on the 22nd day of February 2018.
Customers would only be allowed to purchase the token through ICO’s website, which is Investors are free to buy any volume of the token as long as it is within the provided volume of the issued GIF tokens.

Whereas there is no maximum payment limit, the minimum payment for these tokens is 0.01 ETH. At the moment, there are no fiat currencies that can be used to purchase the GIF Tokens. Investors can use Ethereum, which is one of the leading virtual currencies in the market currently, and also BTC and LTC, this is awesome because usually companies accepts only ETH!

The Distribution of the GIF Token

GIFcoin Distribution


As explained in the introductory part, the total number of GIF tokens is 300,000,000. All these tokens will then be issued by the GIF Token contract that is built on the Ethereum cryptocurrency blockchain.

To work effectively, this contract will apply the ERC20 interface, since it is the only standard that can work best for the tokens. This will allow seamless integration of the GIF virtual currency with a number of wallets and exchanges. For any investors who will purchase these tokens during the pre-sale period {running from February 22nd to March 15th}, they will be rewarded a 30% bonus GIF tokens.

After the purchase has been made, the GIF tokens will then be distributed to the consumer’s Ethereum wallet. The company will lock all its GIF tokens as soon as the pre-sale period kicks off. This move will be undertaken to prevent it from getting any bonus that should only be given to the consumer.

In the process of profit share, there are two main phases that are involved. The first stage would involve obtaining the right data concerning the distribution of the GIF tokens among the users. This is what is known as a profit share report.

The second stage would involve sharing the profit of the company among the token holders in the event that will happen once in a year. To ensure that all the consumers receive their share, a smart contract for the profit share distribution will be used. The Smart Contract for profit share distribution has been mainly created to assist in distributing the profits to the holders of the token. It will be done strictly according to the shares that they have. As explained earlier, the Ethereum cryptocurrency will be used for all kind of payments. The share of the profit will only be deposited to the addresses that have the GIF Tokens in them, after having been confirmed with the Blockchain snapshots.

The GIFcoin tokens that shall not have been distributed during the Initial Offering Campaign will be destroyed or burned.

Recommended Wallets for ETH

Again, it is important to note that consumers will only be allowed to purchase tokens using Ethereum during the GIFcoin Initial Offering Coin campaign. One of the compatible wallets for this activity is the MetaMask, which is an add-on for the Chrome browser. The other recommended wallet is MyEtherWallet, which will work perfectly well without any download.

Users are however, advised not to use any of the following wallets for taking part in the GIFcoin token distribution: Coinbase, Exodux, Poloniex, Bitstamp, Kraken, Bittrex, Bitfinex, Jaxx, and Sending of funds or general participation of the GIFcoin ICO should not be done using any of the mentioned exchanges.


More About

Life is intended to be an exciting and fun experience, especially for those who love sports. Based on this mantra, the professional team at VitalBet has come up with a professionally designed website that will give its consumers a totally special experience when it comes to online betting.

In most instances, Initial Coin Offerings normally sell ideas, but GIFcoin works a bit differently. The dedicated team at GIFcoin did all they could to come up with a truly functional project. is an already working project, and this is one of the things that set it apart from other projects.

Being a wholly functional and licensed gambling website, VitalBet has been designed with all of the widely-known industry features like live casino, sports betting, IN-play betting, virtual sports, casino, and e-sports. This site has been in the forefront for creating latest and upgraded tools that enable millions of online consumers to do several tasks online like betting or gambling over the Internet.

VitalBet was created in 2015, after serious efforts in programming and technology research and a heavy investment in marketing research. But one thing that sets this site apart from most bookmakers is that they provide cryptocurrency payment with Bitcoin.

Customers can confidently deposit and withdraw funds using this leading virtual currency. To add on that, courtesy of the ICO funding, VitalBet plans to bring on board other major virtual coins as methods of payment and options for betting.


One thing that makes this website stand out from the other websites providing similar services is the fact that they provide virtual currency payments. The cryptocurrency that is currently used for betting and payments is Bitcoin. At the moment, just a handful of the leading bookmakers, top 100 to be specific, offer this payment option. But with the planned GIFcoin ICO campaign, other major virtual currencies will be added on board.

All does not, however, end with the betting options and the digital currency payments; there are still other great services provided at the VitalBet site such as IN-play betting, sports events wager, eSports, casino, live casino, virtual sports, and its customers will soon be allowed to live stream.

Apart from introducing payments through the largest cryptocurrency based on the market cap, Bitcoin, VitalBet has also covered some of the commonly used methods of fiat payment in the industry. Some of these methods are VISA and MasterCard, debit and credit cards, as well as electronic wallets such as PaySafeCard, Skrill, Sofort and a host of others.

By enabling bettors to use some of the major virtual currencies such as Litecoin, Ethereum, Dash, Ripple and others, more customers who haven’t yet joined will jump in. Doing so is not only a step to increase the client’s reach, but also a great way of promoting the virtual coins as a safe method of payment, especially to bettors. For every user, security is the most important factor that VitalBet will put into consideration. That is why blockchain technology will be used to ensure that the whole process is safe and seamless.

After the ICO campaign has successfully ended, and the expected market cap of $24,000,000, or 24,000 ETH has been reached, GIFcoin will embark on a series of activities to improve its operations and make it much better.

A total of $1 million will be used for the purposes of updating the platform and coming up with a mobile app that will work fairly well. While $4 million has been set aside to be used for a marketing campaign, the advertising campaign will take $12 million. The company also plans to add $5 million to the current bank operational money for loses and wins. Seeing that there is need to structure the legal work in most countries, GIFcoin will set aside a total of $2 million for the same. Bank will take 20.8% of the hard cap, while marketing will have a share of 16.7%.

The highest percentage will seemingly go to advertising {50%}, while legal affairs will have 8.3% of the total hard cap. Management will have the lowest percentage of 4.2.


The team at GIFcoin did not rush things, as others would have done. They waited until they were convinced that it was the right time to do it together as a team. That is why it is the only profit-share token that is backed up by an already functional betting website – It, therefore, allows the interested customers to put in their investments in an already working business, and earn good revenues. The power of this planned ICO campaign will assist in growing the business and ensure that all the investors share the profits equally.

Make money with GIFToken Affiliate

Join Affiliate campaign here: Sign Up  first, than press “Referral Program” you will get a tracker link to use to spread the ICO Website, you’ll receive 500 GIF every time a new contributor signs up through your link and purchases GIF Tokens.


Future Plans for

By the year 2020, VitalBet plans to be in the league of top 15 international betting websites that accepts the use of FIAT currencies in its exchange as well as being rated among the leading global virtual currency betting sites.

VitalBet plans to attract 0.6% of the 300,000,000 users that are projected to shall have been using fiat currency in 2020 for sports betting. This will translate to 1.8 million new users. It is expected that about 5 million bettors will start using the virtual currencies in 2020, and VitalBet targets 10% of that number, which translates to a half a million new users.

When all these are brought together, VitalBet will have 2.3 million new users.

Out of the expected $756,000,000 revenue, bettors will be paid 10% of it while another 10% will be set aside to cater for the management costs. 20% of that amount will take care of the marketing and advertising costs, while the partners from the affiliate program will earn 15% of that amount.

VitalBet will then have 45% of $756,000,000, which translates to $340,200,000 of its net profits. 80% of that number, which is $276,160,000, will be shared among the shareholders.

The Milestones that have been taken by GIFToken

The journey has not all been smooth for this first virtual currency Gambling Investment Fund that the world has ever seen. Much is still expected. Here are some of the milestones this ICO trading exchange has achieved and the laid down structure for the rest of the year.

The serious journey started in the first month of 2015. This was when the company decided to launch a Beta version of their site. That would be followed closely by the launch of its official support website,

VitalBet was launched in June 2015, barely five months after the beta version of the website started operating. After almost two years of serious but silent operations and improvements, the company decided to make a major improvement in 2017. By this time, cryptocurrency had grown wide, and most of the consumers in the financial market were not only well aware of them but were also using them.


In May 2017, GIFToken decided to add Bitcoin, one of the leading cryptocurrencies to its platform. Customers using this platform could now be allowed to use Bitcoin for making deposits and withdrawing funds. That was a great improvement that changed much of the company’s operations.

The official website for GIFToken Initial Coin Offering {ICO} would be launched about six months later, in January 2018. The first stage of that ICO campaign began in February 2018, a year later after its website had been launched.

The company has a lot of plans in March 2018. Having successfully launched the first phase of the ICO campaign in February 2018, the second phase is expected to hit the markets in March. It will run for less than a month bringing the GIFToken Initial Coin Offering campaign to a wrap. After that has successfully completed, the company will undertake a major project of expanding its team. This will begin from the month of March going up to April 2018. According to the GIFToken calendar, all the months in 2018 are fully packed with activities. In April 2018, the company plans to release to the public the updated version of its platform software. This will introduce some of the best designs as well as an easy-to-use experience.

But that is not all that GIFToken ICO has plans of doing. The following month, which is May 2018, this ICO exchange platform plans to bring some new changes to its official website, VitalBet. Users of iOS, Android, and Windows devices will have revolutionary mobile betting apps for VitalBet. That month would also see the affiliate programs of VitalBet updated to introduce some of the best conditions that would take the game to the next level.

June 2018 would be another busy month for this ICO exchange platform. After adding Bitcoin to its main platform, the company has new plans of adding new virtual currencies to its main trading platform. They will be used as payment methods, suitable for both deposit and withdrawal. That would be followed by a launch of an extensive marketing process.

The company plans to use some of the best channels to advertise these payment methods and let the world know about them. After that period packed with product launches and aggressive marketing campaigns, July will have fewer activities as compared to the other months. This month will be dedicated to fixing issues to do with licensing and legal agreements in some of the countries. This will make the site applicable even in areas where its usage had not been adopted.

Serious activities would resume in August 2018 with the first one on the calendar being the launch of Vitalbet 2.0. This is expected to be one of the greatest updates that this website will have, full of brand new functionalities and other extras. After the launch of Vitalbet 2.0, the team will take a three-month break before resuming with serious plans in the last month of 2018.

As explained earlier, by December 2018, GIFToken ICO expects to attract more than 1 million users on its platform. When this finally happens as planned, the website will be automatically ranked among the leading 15 betting sites around the globe. All token holders will have all reasons to smile, as the profit share distribution will be undertaken among them.

The Team at GIFcoin

For this project to see the light of the day, there was a team that ensured that everything worked right. The team is headed by Krasimir Popov, the Chief Executive Officer and the founder of GIFcoin. Mr. Popov owns over fifty gambling projects and therefore has earned the experience needed for this project. The reason why this project has enjoyed a positive online presence is due to the efforts put in by its branding expert and head of social marketing and Public Relations, Svetoslav Dimitrov.

The marketing department is headed by Trifon Boyukliyski, who is also an online advertising professional and PPC expert. Zhivko Nikolov is the company’s blockchain developer and doubles up as a back-end developer too. He is assisted by Todor Nikolov, who also works as a system administrator. Krasen Hristov works for the company as the user experience {UIX} designer and a front-end developer.

When it comes to the sports sector, there are two professionals who head the department. Valentin Milenov is GIFcoin’s betting odds expert. He also takes care of the effective risk management and customer base profiling. The eSports Expert for the company is Ivallo Petrov, who also monitors the marketing liabilities in addition to determining the eSports odds.


The main purpose of the GIFcoin ICO is to raise sufficient funds that will be used to support its already functioning betting website. This is a moneymaking venture open to all investors who are ready to take part in sustainable and long-term growth.

Upon realization that there are several countries that do not use the VitalBet yet, the company embarked on a serious process of promoting the website and inviting others to join it. This is why customers are invited to purchase the GIF tokens from the ICO that will begin on 22nd February 2018.

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Crestonium ICO Review

Samantha Mitchell





In conventional banking, individuals and various groups own accounts where they can deposit and withdraw money at their convenience. At the banks, there is currency mobility from one currency to another through direct Forex trading. With the advent, of digital money, there has been very few platforms where Cryptocurrency holders can operate Cryptocurrency accounts using the same models of conventional online banking. This situation has been precipitated by the characteristic of decentralization of Cryptocurrencies which hampers any collective pooling of into an external account. With such problems, Crestonium Bank has stepped in and is providing Cryptocurrency bank services on its OpenAPI online platform.

The Token

token_pieToken: CSX
Price of token: 1 CSX / 0.00002 BTC
Total Tokens: 500,000,000
Platform: Ethereum, Ripple, Monero, Dash, Bitcoins, Litecoins, Stella, and Etherium Classic
Accepting: ETH, XRP, XLM, LTC, ETC, XMR, DASH, and BCH
Min or Max Personal Cap: 100CSX
Token Sale Ends on: April 7th
Soft cap: $2,000,000
Hard cap: $55,000,000

Website  |  Whitepaper

Understanding the Crestonium Bank

To reiterate, Crestonium Bank is a Cryptocurrency bank, which has the following characteristics:
• Zero charges
• Instant global and local transactions
• Transacts in various Cryptocurrencies

Additionally, Crestonium has a mobile and desktop applications which give users the convenience of carrying out transactions from any location in the world. It has a banking and a credit card license that enable users to carry out operations on platforms that accept the specific Cryptocurrency. Finally, about understanding Crestonium, the online Bank has a unique feature where users can convert Cryptocurrency from one type to another for speculative, transactive or precautionary reasons given that most Cryptocurrencies are volatile. The bank intends to connect Blockchains and provide all Cryptocurrency investors a secure platform to save their Cryptocurrencies.

ICO Promotions and Bonuses

The ICO has promotional offers that reward referrals on the purchases; 5% rewards all the referred investors and the referees for the investment amount. The bonuses are awarded based on the time of purchase. The period is divided into four phases, pre-sale, first sale, second sale and, third sale. Across all these phases, investors are allowed to buy varying tokens for 0.01 BTC, and they are rewarded with bonuses as follows;


Crestonium Bank guarantees 100% token protection that all investors will get a full refund of all their purchases if, in the first six months, the CSX value does not appreciate by 150%.

Crestonium teamThe Crestonium Bank Team

The Crestonium Bank is managed by a team of twelve professionals (and two advisors) from across the globe. Such a pool of talents gives Crestonium bank an advantage over competitors, as they understand the dynamics of the Cryptocurrencies from a global perspective. In such an age of globalization, nothing portrays success better than diversity of talent and nationality.


The Crestonium Bank is confident that this venture will be a success, hence the guarantee. They are pegging their success to the unique characteristics of the services and the compatibility of the Crestonium platform -OpenAPI- with various wallets available in the Cryptocurrency markets worldwide.

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Akaiito: Bringing cryptocurrency into your everyday life

Samantha Mitchell



Akaiito’s Visions and plans

Akaiito is a project that aims to bring cryptocurrency into users everyday life by making it more accessible to all. The Estonia-based company is a P2P platform which uses a business model of a C2C.

Akaiito focuses on 4 main spheres which are: online market, rentals, services map. These are 4 things that the average person uses almost every single day in their day to day lives and Akaiito’s main aim is to make these things easily accessible using cryptocurrency. The range of products and services that Akaiito aims to offer is vast, ranging from the hire of nannies to renting cars to online shopping. Akaiito wants to make your life easier!

Much like Tripadvisor and Airbnb, there will be a review system in place to grade the service provider in each scenario, allowing for consumers to have access to real reviews before they decide where to spend their funds.The prices at which sellers can list items will depend on their ratings. Better ratings will allow for them to increase prices.

The project, which comes with its own mobile app, makes use of technologies such as SSL encryption, smart contacts and of course Ethereum blockchain technology too.

To add to its safety, Akaiito will have strict policies in place that will ban the listings of any illegal goods and services, to keep its online platform secure and user-friendly.

The Token

Symbol: AIC
Type: ERC-20
Token sales: Feb 2018- March 2018
Hard Cap: 1250 ETH
Total Supply: 25,000 ETH
Token Exchange Rate: 1 AIC= 0.001 ETH

Akaiito features:

• Ethereum powered project
• Uses SSL encryption to encrypt links between browsers and web servers
• Smart contracts are used to secure agreements between buyers and sellers
• P2P model which allows either party to start the communication process
• Decentralized distribution of goods and services
• Mobile friendly site and app available for mobile users
• There is a cashback rewards program in place
• Taxation will occur, depending on the user’s location and regulations
• Review system in place to grade buyers and sellers

The Team

The Estonia-based team is made up of respected people in the crypto industry. There are at least 2 dozen people actively involved in the project. The founder of Akaiito is a man named Sergey Brek, with Katja Krolova being the CEO. The core team is all relatively young, which would explain Akaiito’s fresh and innovative ideas.
The younger team is backed up by more established advisors, with some big names including the famed Francesco Radaelli (founder of Koinsquare), as well as Victor Chow and Romain Girbil.

In Conclusion

While Akaiito’s plans are quite complex and it may be complicated to operate an app that incorporates so many different elements, if done right Akaiito could really take off. Its success will highly depend on the execution and popularity of the app. With more and more people wanting to use cryptocurrencies as currencies and not just commodities, the future could be bright for Akaiito!

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Equi Capital: A New Token That Innovates And Links The Venture Capital Market With Cryptocurrency

Samantha Mitchell



What does Equi Capital have planned?

Equi Capital aims to bring Venture Capital investing to the general public in their Ethereum-backed crypto project. Equi allows for anyone holding their tokens to buy the future profit stakes of emerging businesses. Equi Capital wants to bring Venture Capital to the average individual as it was once a concept reserved only for people that could produce the big bucks. The Equi platform will create an open space for anyone to buy stakes in companies. There will be plenty of opportunities and not just high rollers.

What sets Equi Capital apart from similar projects is that Equi tokens do not directly translate into stakes in emerging companies, but rather it enables tokenholders to the rights of the future profits of the company they choose to invest in.

As well as the Equi system being advantageous to investors, it is also beneficial for new companies as it can give them that initial capital boost that can help the company grow.

If investors happen to invest in a successful company, they can expect to receive 75% of the net profit. Other benefits include loyalty rewards and all payouts coming in the form ETH currency.

Equi also plans to provide valuable advice and guidance to its potential investors and tokenholders.

The Token

Symbol: EQUI
Type: ERC-20
Token Sale: 15 March 2018 to 12 April 2018
Hard Cap: 81.25 million USD
Total Supply: 250 million EQUI
Token Exchange Rate: 1 EQUI= 0.50 USD

Equi Capital features:

• Ethereum-backed platform
• Accepted currencies for the token presale include USD, EUR, BTC, and GBP.
• Provides an avenue for anyone to participate in Venture Capital
• Provides emerging businesses with the opportunity to gain capital and funding through the program
• The surplus funds from the token sale will be used for investing in various projects by the core team
• $100 is the minimum investment for public ICO
• Many bonuses available for initial buyers
• Avice and guidance will be given to investors, traders and token holders
• Transparent, 4 tiered distribution plan
• Over 1800 members in Equi’s Telegram group

The Team

Equi Capital’s core team is made up mostly of successful entrepreneurs. Baroness Mone of Mayfair is one of the co-founders and is a well-respected businesswoman and has won many entrepreneurial awards in the UK. She has dabbled in a variety of industries but started becoming involved with crypto last year.
The other co-founder, Douglas Barrowman, has dedicated his entire life to business and has a degree in both Business and Accountancy. Equi is Douglas’s idea, which he came up with after years of cryptocurrency involvement.

In Conclusion

Overall, Equi seems to bring an exciting and innovative new idea to the marketplace. The twist on the crowdfunding project is expected to be popular. There is genuine passion behind the ICO, and it is made clear by their team, vision, and aspirations. Their passion for bringing a useful service to the public is commendable

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