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Ethereum and it’s Blockchain – the future of Tech Startups, Explained

Maciej Borkowski



Ethereum Blockchain

Bitcoin is viewed as something immensely complex to outsiders not familiar with the tech. The situation is the same with every other cryptocurrency. Ordinary people think it’s only for the tech-savvy, but that’s not the case. Blockchain technology seems alien to the common person. But it’s not as complex as people seem to believe. Cryptocurrencies evolve. They are easier to use as time goes, and are viewed more and more as a serious investment endeavor. At first, you could only purchase select few goods in select few online stores using Bitcoin, but this changed.

Ethereum is the Innovation That Cryptocurrencies Needed

In 2013, Ethereum was introduced to the market – a cryptocurrency which gives everyone the ability to customize it to their needs. Companies can create custom cryptocurrencies using the Ethereum platform, providing greater usefulness than ever before. And as we know, usefulness brings in investment.

Normal people don’t have to feel alienated from the world of cryptocurrency. There are various reasons for investment in one of these. Investment in an Ethereum platform currency is the same to invest in a company. It’s worth it, believe me, because these companies are the future of technology. The Ethereum blockchain will build the world of tomorrow.

Ethereum Blockchain Taxi

What is Ethereum technology? What is Blockchain?

Ethereuum is what brings blockchain to companies. The blockchain is just a public, peer-to-peer ledger of transactions. Everything is instantly and securely processed, as in addition to the records being public, they are cryptographically protected. Ethereum represents a novel way of programming the blockchain to be available for use by all kinds of software, by any company, offering any product. The versatility of Ethereum is its greatest asset.

Every company could be made more transparent with the Ethereum blockchain. Such as Uber, the freelance taxi service which hires drivers and makes them send money to a central office. The central office takes a big free to make sure that the customer receives his transportation services and that the driver gets paid. Blockchain integration using the Ethereum platform would make Uber quicker and more transparent. It would make the central office unneeded, in addition to being cheaper to customers and generating greater profits for the drivers. Unfortunately, Uber isn’t likely to hop on the blockchain bandwagon, but just imagine how our world will look like upon universal adoption of the technology.

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