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EQUI Capital “Bridging Crypto with Traditional Venture Capital”

Samantha Mitchell



EQUI Capital

Innovative Token

Equi Capital is basically a blend of new virtual currency with an improved platform for investment that is professionally anchored on the blockchain technology. EQUI Capital is a project whose major aim is to invest in venture capital. One thing that has attracted many market leaders to this project is the technological nature that it posses. Traders can confidently safeguard themselves from certain risks when they invest with a team of experts who can allocate the investments in the best manner. That’s what EQUI Capital offers.

As one of the most promising tokens in the market for venture capital, Equi Capital seeks to connect the larger community of the virtual currency with the contemporary venture capital industry.

The Token

EQUI Capital Token

Symbol: EQUI
Presale Start: 1st March 2018
Public ICO Starts on 8th March 2018
Bonus Entitlement: 25% Extra Tokens

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Strong Belief on the Blockchain Technology

One of the beliefs that keep this organization moving each day is that the blockchain technology will one day rule not only future lifestyles but also enterprises across the globe. By incorporating the blockchain technology, EQUI creates a platform that gives the investors and traders an opportunity to be part of some of the future successes in the world of business.

EQUI Capital’s Input to the Market

For the period of time the EQUI team has been in existence, their main focus has been narrowed to the following provisions; operational support, resources, strategic advice, and mentorship programs. All these are given to the ambitious entrepreneurial firms to enable their organizations to grow and achieve some of the goals that they have. This is the kind of unmatched input that is used to transform mere ideas into working projects and reality. Successful organizations that today generate huge capital returns to the market were built in this way.

The Basic Portal for Entrepreneurs

As an early stage venture fund, the EQUI Capital is mainly involved with offering unwavering support to technology merchants that are focused on ensuring that the future is secure. For the period of time this venture has been on the market, the team driving its agenda has earned an all-around experience that touches on all scopes of business. This is one thing that makes them the best people future entrepreneurs can partner with if they are looking for success.

The best thing an ambitious entrepreneur can do is to transform the visions that they have into reality. Those are the kind of people EQUI Capital, as a primary portal is willing to assist. The emphasis on the selection of investment puts much focus on certain technological improvements with some kind of bias to the widely used blockchain technology. The main duty of an emerging or even an established business is to address the potential market opportunity and give the future market leaders a platform that they can use to advance.

The Team

EQUI Capital TeamThe team is led by Doug Barrowman, who founded the company together with Baroness Mone of Mayfair. The contribution they have made in this company in terms of leadership and management skill has seen it reach that far.

Other members of the investment team are Tim Eve and Mark Lyons, Luke Webster, Andrew Barrowman; all who are investment directors. Others are Andrei Karpushonak, the head of development, Nerys Roberts, marketing director and Nicholas Graham, who is the customer services head; among others.

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