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Elysian ICO – A Decentralized Platform to Build Ecommerce Websites on the Blockchain

Samantha Mitchell



Elysian ICO

The New Elisyum Concept

The blockchain technology is becoming an integral part of businesses and organizations in healthcare, education, transportation, stock markets and the E-Commerce fields.

In this regard, Elysian ICO aims to raise capital to develop a blockchain that will be vital in safeguarding the integrity of e-commerce platforms. The Elysian blockchain will be used by E-commerce businesses to carry out their transactions. It will be unique as it will be offering to enterprises the ability to reach markets, individuals will have a secure platform to shop for goods and services. It will be a melting point of B2C relationships.



Token: ELY
Private Event Token Sale: Already Complete
Token Pre-Sale Dates: June 4-June 17
Token Pre-Sale Price: $0.06
Token Sale Phase 1: June 18-June 24
Token Sale Price Phase 1: $0.08
Token Sale Phase 2: June 25-July 1
Token Sale Price Phase 2: $0.10
Token Sale Phase 3: July 2-July 8
Token Sale Price Phase 2: $0.12
Total Tokens: 1,000,000,000
Tokens in Circulation: 250,000,000
Platform: Ethereum
Type of Token: ERC20 ICO
Accepting: ETH
Min or Max Personal Cap: TBA
Fundraising Goal: $19,000,000

Website ANN Thread | Whitepaper

A Benefit to Businesses

To secure the integrity of transactions, the Elysian platform will store the customer data to enable the E-commerce enterprises to plan appropriate to accommodate the demand and supply requirements. Furthermore, the businesses will be able to allow customers to buy goods and services using Cryptocurrencies as a medium of exchange. This will enable businesses to gain Cryptocurrencies revenues that are projected to surge in value after the normalization of the Blockchains in the near future.

Top Ratings

An E-commerce Platform for Cryptocurrency Holders

In most cases, Cryptocurrency holders have to part with massive charges to convert the digital cash to fiat money for transactional motives. This will no longer be the case, as individual investors will have the chance to directly use their digital wallets to secure goods and services.

The Uniqueness of Elysian Blockchain

BenefitsLike other Blockchains, Elysian is based on smart contracts, proof-of-work model, and is decentralized. All these features secure the Blockchain from unauthorized third-party access. However, these features are common and hackers have devised a way of breaching the Blockchain. Hackers can, therefore, redirect company revenues to their accounts, steal personal wallets and also intercept enterprises crypto wallet accounts with an aim of directing them to a phony account.

Elysian features are advanced to discourage the breaches. The first of these advancements is the artificial intelligence. This feature will automatically retrieve the history of transactions and direct the customers to their e-commerce provider. Secondly, the proof-of-authority feature will entail encryptions of wallet information and personal information. It borrows from the concept of the proof of work and proof of stake features that are common in most Blockchains. This advanced feature will discourage identity theft that is the core tactic used by Blockchain hackers.

The Team

The team behind the ICO comprise of twelve leaders and ten advisors under the direction of Leo Ameri (CEO and Founder). They have the relevant expertise to contribute to the growth of the Elysian Blockchain.

Elysian ICOConclusion

The Elysian ICO is exceptional due to the fact that its state of the art features aims to protect the security of users. It is expected to grow proportionately with the world’s e-commerce transactions and therefore, a good investment.

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