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Datereum ICO Review

Samantha Mitchell





Currently, posting of data on the World Wide Web is the norm. When any researcher looks up information from the Web, hundreds of thousands of possible research results emerge: This outcome is obscuring in itself. Quality assurance is a mirage and researchers give all data the benefit of the doubt – just in case it is accurate. To eliminate such a barrier to quality data access, Datereum is offering a platform of a peer-to-peer network where individuals will be able to share their data directly to researchers and get value for their work. This value will be in the form of the Datereum Cryptocurrency (DTN). Building up a relationship between the individuals and researchers, will not be easy but eventually, a pool of quality data will be available for research. These individuals will benefit from value assignment to their data, a part of these value will go to Datereum.

The Token

Datereum Use of Proceeds

Token: DTN
Price of token: 1 DTN = 0.03 USD
Total Tokens: 1,000,000,000
Total Tokens available for sale: 600,000,000
Accepting: ETH
Type of Token: ERC20 ICO
Platform: Ethereum
Min or Max Personal Cap: 1 TBA/ETH
Token Sale Starts on: April 28th
Soft cap: $500,000
Hard cap: $18,000,000

Website Whitepaper ANN Bitcointalk

Datereum Tokens

Presale stage

Tokens available: 66,666,666
Maximum Bonus: 13,333,333
1 ETH- 4.9 ETH: 10% Bonus

5 ETH and more: 20% Bonus
Soft cap on pre-sale: 2,000,000

How will Datereum Operate?

Datereum is seeking to give individuals control over their data. Research has shown that many individuals have no control over data and in cases where they perceive they have, the security is not guaranteed. More often than not, the individuals have no reward for their data and researchers lack a source of high-quality data.

Datereum will consist of a network of ledgers where data providers will submit their data by filling out surveys; their identities will be collected to create their specific Datereum ID. Afterward, the data will be stored on the individual ledgers of the Datereum network, and they will earn DTN. The data providers can then proceed to sell the DTN in open exchanges. On the other end, a researcher will visit the network and buy DTN from the public exchange. Then, they will proceed to fill a questionnaire that describes the particulars of the research they are after. The researcher upon payment of DTN will gain access to data from the data provider. Finally, Datereum will earn revenues from the transaction. Alternatively, a researcher and data provider can exchange DTN for data directly.

The Team

The Datereum platform is an ingenious work of a dedicated and qualified team with strong credentials against their work specification. The group of nine has tirelessly dedicated their expertise in research, and concept development. It is evident that they will successfully oversee the conceptualization, growth, and development of Datereum.


Datereum stands a chance of building bridges between data providers and researchers. With the scarcity of quality data, the rising need for research and the need for compensation among data providers, Datereum is likely to be the next success story in the Blockchain technology world.

Bitcointalk user: MarkSinn 

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