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Datereum ICO Review

Samantha Mitchell





Currently, posting of data on the World Wide Web is the norm. When any researcher looks up information from the Web, hundreds of thousands of possible research results emerge: This outcome is obscuring in itself. Quality assurance is a mirage and researchers give all data the benefit of the doubt – just in case it is accurate. To eliminate such a barrier to quality data access, Datereum is offering a platform of a peer-to-peer network where individuals will be able to share their data directly to researchers and get value for their work. This value will be in the form of the Datereum Cryptocurrency (DTN). Building up a relationship between the individuals and researchers, will not be easy but eventually, a pool of quality data will be available for research. These individuals will benefit from value assignment to their data, a part of these value will go to Datereum.

The Token

Datereum Use of Proceeds

Token: DTN
Price of token: 1 DTN = 0.03 USD
Total Tokens: 1,000,000,000
Total Tokens available for sale: 600,000,000
Accepting: ETH
Type of Token: ERC20 ICO
Platform: Ethereum
Min or Max Personal Cap: 1 TBA/ETH
Token Sale Starts on: April 28th
Soft cap: $500,000
Hard cap: $18,000,000

Website Whitepaper ANN Bitcointalk

Datereum Tokens

Presale stage

Tokens available: 66,666,666
Maximum Bonus: 13,333,333
1 ETH- 4.9 ETH: 10% Bonus

5 ETH and more: 20% Bonus
Soft cap on pre-sale: 2,000,000

How will Datereum Operate?

Datereum is seeking to give individuals control over their data. Research has shown that many individuals have no control over data and in cases where they perceive they have, the security is not guaranteed. More often than not, the individuals have no reward for their data and researchers lack a source of high-quality data.

Datereum will consist of a network of ledgers where data providers will submit their data by filling out surveys; their identities will be collected to create their specific Datereum ID. Afterward, the data will be stored on the individual ledgers of the Datereum network, and they will earn DTN. The data providers can then proceed to sell the DTN in open exchanges. On the other end, a researcher will visit the network and buy DTN from the public exchange. Then, they will proceed to fill a questionnaire that describes the particulars of the research they are after. The researcher upon payment of DTN will gain access to data from the data provider. Finally, Datereum will earn revenues from the transaction. Alternatively, a researcher and data provider can exchange DTN for data directly.

The Team

The Datereum platform is an ingenious work of a dedicated and qualified team with strong credentials against their work specification. The group of nine has tirelessly dedicated their expertise in research, and concept development. It is evident that they will successfully oversee the conceptualization, growth, and development of Datereum.


Datereum stands a chance of building bridges between data providers and researchers. With the scarcity of quality data, the rising need for research and the need for compensation among data providers, Datereum is likely to be the next success story in the Blockchain technology world.

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BitRewards: Giving you the Opportunity to get Loyalty Points, CashBacks and Rewards in Cryptocurrency

Samantha Mitchell




A Brief History

BitRewards is actually a branch and brainchild from a 5 year old business that offers a similar service in the sphere of gift cards, rewards and loyalty points. GIFTD that has already been running successfully for a good while now and has built up an impressive following. GIFTD is focused mainly on small and medium scale businesses.

BitRewards began conceptualising in late 2016 and by the time Christmas Day in 2017 rolled around, they were ready to begin the start of their token sales, with a sound and trustworthy plan in place to execute their revolutionary ideas.

BitRewards hopes to be the new and improved version of GIFTD and take the excellent idea to new heights- and with all the experience under the developers’ belts, and with many of the original team members in place- we have every faith in them.


A Whole New World of Consumer Opportunities

BitRewards is an ICO that has really captured the interest and imagination of many vendors and consumers on a global scale, even though the ICO is relatively new on the block. What BitRewards really aims to do is repair the faulty and fake consumer loyalty system and replace it with something authentic and sustainable. It is clear that BitRewards has a healthy focus on consumer satisfaction and loyalty.

So how does the whole thing work exactly? Well, what BIT hopes to achieve is link online vendors and consumers in a crypto rewards system, with either end plus BIT, benefiting from the process. That may sound complicated but the system is actually a simple one. BitRewards will provide the software to vendors free of charge- all they will have to do is buy a certain amount of Bit to reward their customers with. Vendors will only need to buy BIT in order to give to the dutiful consumers, that in turn will spend their BIT within the community, thus growing the BIT economy and strengthening the overall value of BIT which has the potential to grow to a mighty cryptocurrency. Consumers will be able to automatically earn BIT in return for making purchases, liking and sharing products on social media among other things online. Each loyalty reward system will be tailor made to fit vendors specific needs and can even be intergrated alongside existing rewards systems, making it easy to use.

The system has already undergone testing and has proved that the BIT system can easily increase sales by an average of 17 percent by the simple method of rewarding repeat clientele, as well as attracting new customers. The focus on social media is also plays an important role, considering it’s important in online shopping today. It’s recommended that vendors have all the necessary and popular social media profiles in place to make the most out of BitRewards.

Why Cryptocurrency As a Form of Reward?

Traditionally, rewards and loyalty points are given out in the form of discounts, vouchers, and points (which can be tallied and exchanged for products or monetary cashbacks). While these are all fine and dandy, they certainly do have their imitations. For example, vouchers can only usually be spent in one place and often even have expiry dates on them, and discounts usually also only apply to specific vendors.

On the other hand, being rewarded in cryptocurrency has almost infinite possibilities. Here are some of the uses and perks you can expect from being rewarded in cryptocurrency over the traditional rewards system:
• BIT can be kept as an investment and then drawn out or accessed once it has reached a higher value.
• BIT does not have an expiry date so can be kept for years before being used.
• BIT can be spent at other establishments within the BitRewards system, not necessarily the establishment you received it from.
• BIT can easily be exchanged for another cryptocurrency or even Fiat currency.
• As the BIT ecosystem continues to grow, we can imagine that it will soon be an accepted payment currency at many different vendors, giving you even more options when choosing what to do with it.

A BIT More About The Token

The token that will join the entire network together is called BIT. It is a fairly standard token of the ERC20 kind and it will be used as the currency of all transactions that take place within the BitRewards system. BIT will be transferred from wallet to wallet and there will, of course, be options where consumers can exchange it for other forms of currency or make purchases with it.

So how do you access BIT? People interested in buying their very own BIT can do so on the BitRewards official site or they can wait until the program is fully fledged and become a BIT consumer on the system and get rewarded in BIT.


The Technology Behind it

As with most ICOs, BitRewards make use of the incredible Blockchain technology to power their platform. Ethereum’s smart contracts have been employed to provide a seamless solution.

There is also the BitRecommendations platform that makes use of state-of-the-art AI technology that ensures that real and authentic recommendations and accurate data are used for products online. AI technology is also used to link this platform to BitRewards.

The technology used in BitRewards has calculated and analyzed all the issues of scaling and complexity and solved them accordingly. With this top range tech behind BitRewards, it appears as if they’re ready for anything!

BitRewards Token

The Benefits for the User/ Consumer

If you’re a fan of online shopping, or even just do the casual online shop every now and then- BitRewards is going to have some truly amazing advantages for you to enjoy. There are no sign-up fees or hidden costs involved. BitRewards only wants to reward its valued consumers. No matter what successes or losses the vendor has, the consumer will be rewarded with cryptocurrency (BIT) for shopping at BitRewards merchants, liking their Facebook pages and inviting friends to like their pages too. It really couldn’t be simpler.

The BitRecommendations, the sister company, is linked to BitRewards to ensure that you are getting customized reward programs that suit you perfectly. The rewards you receive won’t ever expire, unlike other forms of rewards and vouchers, and are most likely expected to increase in value. Another great aspect of being rewarded in a cryptocurrency is that it can easily be exchanged for another crypto or even fiat currency, or you could just buy whatever takes your fancy online.

The Benefits for Vendors/ Merchants

Well, first of all, merchants who want to become part of the BitRewards community can receive their premium software completely FREE of charge. How is that for the first benefit off the bat? This premium software is almost guaranteed to increase sales and the traffic of new customers to your site and social media pages. It does, after all, reward these customers with cryptocurrency!

There are more options for merchants available which include the creation of their very own, custom tokens and highly specific loyalty programs- ensuring the best results over time. There is even the option to fluidly connect already existing loyalty programs onto the BitRewards system, with the use of BitRewards’ fantastic technology.

What we have to look forward to from BitRewards

Besides all the previously mentioned accolades and benefits, BitRewards has some even more exciting plans up its sleeve for the future. The developers have really planned ahead and it’s clear to see that they have determination and vision.

As far as 2018 goes, we’ll see the token sale end in early May. After that, we are excited about seeing BitRewards launch their mobile app as well as their crypto wallet- both two useful elements that will work heavily in conjunction with their rewards program. June this year also hopes to bring about the joining of the BitRewards with Lightning and Raiden technologies.

BitRewards plans venture all the way into 2019, where they have already begun working on some of the apps and services they hope to release next year.


Symbol: BIT
Type: ERC20
Minimum token purchase: 1000 BIT
Exchange rate: 1 ETH: 28,800 BIT
Number of Tokens Issued: 2 Billion
Number of Tokens for Sale: 1.28 Billion
Sale starting date: 25 December 2017
Sale closing date: 9 May 2018
Accepted payment forms: BTC, ETH
Soft cap: $ 3,000,000
Hard Cap: $ 15,000,000

Website | Whitepaper


Best Features

• Technology that makes use and is secured by Blockchain and Ethereum smart contracts
• Provision of a platform where consumers are rewarded for shopping online, leaving reviews and recommendations and connecting on social media
• A Platform that allows merchants to reward their valued customers in cryptocurrency and track analytics faster and easier
• The use of AI Technology within the BitRecommendations sphere
• Over 5 years of business experience in a highly similar field
• Easy to use platform and interface


BitRecommendations has been mentioned in this review a few times already. It is both a spate entity to as well as an essential part of the BitRewards system.

To put things in a clearer perspective, BitRecommendations is a system where merchants and vendors send all their data to. This data is stored on a highly protected and decentralized system and is used to make recommendations in order to link the right customers to the right vendors.

The BitRecommendation system also tracks all the activity of merchants, providing highly useful statistics and data about where a vendor’s main customer base is coming from.



The young Alexander Egorov is the BitRewards team’s trusted and respected CEO. The man is considered somewhat of a genius and has had over 15 years of experience in the worlds of finance, banking, and debt. He is the ideal person to lead his inspiring team of professionals to crypto entrepreneurial greatness.

In the ‘Head of Sales’ position, BitRewards has employed none other than Greg Mann, who is well-known for being the international Head of Sales for a successful start-up called Grind.

The important position of ‘Head of Design’ is filled by Sergey Alisov, who was also working in the design department at GIFTD. He is a truly talented human and is known for the fluid creation of mobile apps and being able to find useful solutions to problems.

The other team members all also completely worthy of their positions and the fact that they are all listed on the White Paper shows transparency and trustworthiness within the company. Many of them came directly from GIFTD, which shows they are invested long-term in the rewards industry and have a true passion for what they do.

Steps necessary for customers to earn BIT via purchasing

1. The customer makes a purchase of their choice at a BIT affiliated store. Before purchasing they should be able to view the detailed reward that they would receive for the purchase. Transparency in the system is key!
2. The customer will then have to register themselves onto the network using either their phone number, social media profile or email address as verification.
3. The customer will then receive the confirmation that they have received their allocated BIT reward
4. The online store, where they purchased their desired item, should give them ease of access to their new BIT wallet where they will be able to view their funds.
5. The customer can go into their BIT wallet that also supports ETH and spend some time getting to understand how it works.
6. The tokens can now be used as the consumer pleases.


BitRewards is a simple and useful idea, that if executed with precision and timing by the talented team, could result in a massive success. It seems as if there really is a gap in the market for not only a crypto rewards program, but a rewards program that weeds out fake reviews and fly-by-night companies.

The fact that BitRewards has a truly holistic view on the relationship between consumer and vendor should result in the interest and participation from both parties. BitRewards is, in our opinion, full of promise and possibility.

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ImmVRse: The Future of VR Content Sharing

Samantha Mitchell




Virtual Reality and Beyond!

ImmVRse is a platform that is specially tailored to the needs of VR creators and those who want to find them. The platforms main goal is to act as a space where VR creators, advertisers, producers and anyone with anything to offer video creation can come together and find each other. The ImmVRse token acts as the currency in which the parties and individuals can pay each other for services rendered. The Blockchain technology is what will ensure transparency and secure all transactions that take place on the ImmVRse platform.


At the moment, ImmVRse is the only such platform that specializes in VR. And it should not be thought that VR is solely applicable to the gaming sector. It has uses in healthcare, retail, tourism, advertising and many other spheres of life.


Symbol: MV
Type: ERC20
Exchange: 1 MV = 0.20 USD
Max token supply: 300 million
Hard Cap: $20 Million USD

Website | Whitepaper


• Many different Fiat and Cryptocurrencies available to be exchanged for MV
• Blockchain technology used for the base of all payments
• Platform to connect people working with VR technology and to be paid with MV token
• Awards system in place for watching videos on ImmVRse
• Monthly Creator awards and other incentives to create a thriving online VR community



ImmVRse’s team is just what you’d expect- young, diverse and talented. At the head of the team, we have Farabi Shayor- the CEO and Co-founder. He is a well-respected, bright young man who has already had 10 years of experience in the world of crypto.



ImmVRse has some truly unique ideas that should be well received by the public and especially the VR-obsessed younger generations. The White Paper explains everything absolutely coherently and is a great source for if you’re looking to learn more.

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SKYFChain: The Very First Link For Businesses And Robots

Samantha Mitchell




The Merge Of Businesses And Robots

SKYFChain is a truly one of a kind ICO as it aims to use Blockchain technology in a way that no one has done before- by bringing robots to businesses and beyond. Robots, especially cargo-related robots, can greatly increase the efficiency of a variety of industries. And while robots and robotic technology have for the most part been reserved for the big businesses out there, SKYFChain wants to make them accessible to even the smallest of businesses.

So how will they do this? The first robot that SkYFChain will implement is their very own SKYF drone and if this goes according to plan they will start implementing robots of all kinds. As an example, cargo companies could efficiently and effectively make the switch from helicopters to SKYF’s cargo drones and save both money and time.

So the way in which the industry will work is that token holders can use their tokens to buy unmanned cargo robots, of which SKYF will charge a commission. This commission will go back to the SKYF token holders and in this way, the SKYFChain economy will continue to grow, and even more so when the number of unmanned cargo robots are linked onto the SKYF network.

SKYF realizes that there are some major risks involved with the high-end operation of unmanned cargo robots to they have taken every measure to eliminate these risks as much as possible, and are completely licensed and regulated in Estonia- the emerging crypto hub of the world.



Symbol: SKYFT
Type: ERC20
Total: 1,200,000,000
Exchange rate: 1 SKYFT = 0.065 USD
Minimum Token purchase: 3000 SKYFT

Website | Whitepaper


• Provision of unmanned cargo drones and robots on an integrated system
• First ever business to robot (B2R) platform
• One of a kind SKYF drone that has already undergone testing
• Plans all the way to 2040
• Several big clients on board already

SKYFChain Token Allocation

Benefits Of Buying SKYFT Tokens

On top of SKYFChain’s major potential as an investment opportunity, token holders of SKYFT have one other major opportunity that should be noted. The sale of the first 1000 SKYF Drones will have a 20% commission on them and this commission will not be kept by the top dogs but instead will be spread amongst token holders.


SKYFChain has a team in place that can put all your worries to rest: they are experts in their field and truly passionate about the SKYFChain project. Alexander Timofeev is SKYFChain’s respected CEO and has been successful in founding and launching a variety of scientific and technological projects. At the head of drone development, we have the talented Dmitry Arsentyev who has been involved with aviation since he was a child.



There is no doubt that this is one ambitious project but it seems as if SKYFChain has all their ducks in a row. While the technology itself may not be applicable and useful to the average human, anyone looking at drones and unmanned cargo robot facilities may want to take a good hard look at SKYFChain and all of their applications.

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