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CyBit ICO – Feel The Power Of Crowdfunding!

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CyBit is a project that is expected to enhance the current crowdfunding system by ensuring that transactions are done in a secure, open, and convenient environment.

CyBit platform


Symbol: CBT
Type: Utility token
ICO launch: April 2018
Total tokens available: 8.5 Billion CBT
Main ICO tokens available: 6.5 Billion CBT
Currency accepted: ETH, BTC, and LTC

Website | Whitepaper | Telegram | Twitter | Facebook | Medium | Linkedin | Instagram | YouTube

Crowdfunding Today

Crowdfunding has become an important part of Cryptocurrency market and is projected to continue recording strong growth this year and beyond. Many businesses are turning to crowdfund as they see it as a trusted way of raising funds. It has helped many startups to overcome the financial obstacle that hindered their launch.

cybit crowdfuning

Major Challenges In Crowdfunding And Why CyBit Is Important

One of the biggest challenges with crowdfunding is lack of transparency. Many investors have lost the funds whenever the projects they invested in go underground. CyBit is promising to enhance the relationship between project founders, investors, and the community by incorporating transparency in the system. The relationship will be organized by principles referred to as CYBITONOMY.

CyBit will play a crucial role in assisting innovators, new ICOs, and the other futuristic inventors turn their dreams into reality. The introduction of a Blockchain driven ecosystem in the project will enhance crowdfunding, as it will enforce integrity, responsibility, transparency, and trust.

CyBit will help in addressing challenges common in crowdfunding such as safety and complexity by employing the latest and best technology solutions. The project will eradicate barriers and challenges prevalent in the ICO sector. The mission of this project is to develop a people-powered platform accessible to both the ICO firms and potential investors.

CyBit On Social Media

CyBit has a strong presence in social media networks such as Telegram. Social media has enabled CyBit to reach more people from around the world. Moreover, it provides the public with an easy and open way of engaging the company whenever they need any information about the project.

Bitcointalk user: MarkSinn

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