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Cryptopets: Stephen Curry Will Now Have A Cryptokitty

Samantha Mitchell




CryptoKitties Are Growing

As reported earlier in the year, CryptoKitties has now moved away from Axiom Zen after raising a significant amount of funding to branch out on its own. The very popular Ethereum app enables its customers to buy and exchange cats, which are built on tokens. Owners of these digital cats can also breed their cats too, so it’s just like owning your own cat. The team behind the CryptoKitties is very passionate about making Blockchain technology accessible to one and all hence the move to develop things further.

It is not just about the growth of technology. However, the app also allows users to have their own identity and is now being seen as a market leader by many in the industry. There is so much more that can be done with the concept and the those involved are certainly very excited to see what happens next. There is even talk amongst experts that the likes of Cryptocurrencies could soon be taken over by crypto gaming and crypto collectibles. That is how important they are to the industry. The fact that Stephen Curry – Golden State Warriors – how has his own CryptoKitty is further proof of this. It is also pretty certain that further celebrities will follow suit once the Steph has been launched.

The Stephen Curry

This CryptoKitty will be the very first celebrity cryptopet. The aim is to develop the CryptoKitty brand even further and add more celebrities to the list once this first now has been successfully released to the market.

With this first rollout, there will be three Steph Curry versions of CryptoKitties, and they will depict both him and his personality. The first of the three will be sold by Steph Curry but whether the other two are sold will be down to Steph himself. The partnership was very well thought through beforehand, and the whole concept has been put into motion so that Blockchain can be more widely used by those not already involved with Cryptocurrencies. The plan is to make Blockchain technology a lot more available to the general as already highlighted above. By targeting users of CryptoKitty – which is a very different market to Cryptocurrencies – this is certainly being achieved. CryptoKitties have exploded onto the scene since their inception in December 2017, and they are only going to become more popular.

The CryptoKitties team is dedicated to making sure that the celebrities partnered with are a good match with their brand and care about their fans. They are also keen to show off the technology and innovate the industry with their brand. They have hired new staff to develop and expand their product further. Although the development work in the background is not yet complete on the Steph Curry, the brand is excited to see how the launch goes and will most clearly be making any necessary changes to ensure that this game-changing move goes as smoothly as possible. All eyes on the Steph Curry CryptoKitty over the coming weeks.

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