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Crypto Mining Is All Go In The US

Samantha Mitchell



Crypto Mining Is All Go In The US

Things are really start to shift in the USA now with the announcement of yet more hydro and green Crypto mining.

New York State

Another great example of an old misused building being converted for Crypto mining has just popped up in New York State. This follows on from several old aluminium works being renovated and used for Crypto mining.

It has just been announced that the hydroelectric dam which is a little south of Albany is being converted into a Crypto mining farm. The old site – Valatie Falls – will provide great resources already in place as well as cheap and green energy. Everything is expected to be operational by the end of this year at the very latest. The Valatie Falls dam was built back in 1983.

It has been reported that Anteater miners will be used on the site along with Samsung and Innosilicon ASIC bitcoin mining chips. The whole venture will be developed, managed and owned by DPW’s subsidiary Super Crypto Mining. The company is extremely keen to become more involved in Crypto mining and this provides the ideal opportunity for it to do so. It is firmly of the belief that the firm would like to be totally independent and fresh. The whole process from start to finish – including the purchase of the site – has been pretty much completed by one subsidiary or another of DPW which follows its self-sustaining vision. The organisation’s strategy goes even further and looks at taking on Bitmain and Avalon in the Crypto mining industry offering more innovative solutions for miners using the latest technology. Now this could be very interesting indeed.

And In Montana

Further afield in the US, there are more Bitcoin mining facilities working overtime and on the edge of being protected even more by Senator Daines.

Bonner and Butte are both home to Crypto mining farms and two of the largest in the whole of the country. Although in some places around the world this industry is being frowned upon, in Montana Crypto mining is being welcomed with open arms. So much so in fact that plans to close a large energy supplier within the state are causing a major concern. The Crypto mining industry is providing a great deal of income for Montana and the state is doing everything it can to ensure things remain this way. The state government is very well aware of the increase in demand for the resources to Bitcoin mine and the difficulty to find cheap and stable power supplies. One of the sites, Butte, absolutely relies on the coal power provided by said power supplier. It’s closure would have a massive impact on Crypto mining i.e. mining could completely cease.

Montana is certainly throwing a lot of money, time and resources at mining and recently announced a $0.5 million grant for Project Spokane. This Bitcoin mining initiative has been backed and will use the funding for development as well as employing and training locals.

Crypto Mining Is All Go In The US

The USA Thing

These stories coming out of the USA prove just how far Crypto mining really has come especially if implemented and managed properly. They can really have a huge effect on a state, area or indeed country. There is still a way to go with the industry but we are definitely getting there. Keep the good news coming in!

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